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@Nocta she is just getting tired of seeing yuri on her tl :/ (but muted my RTs only in the end so it's ok)

@lottie oh I see. It's not really something I would need I guess. They are hand-picked and reposted when I'm feeling it ^^"

@lottie mmh I don't get it. What is gallery-dl?

PSA: if you'd prefer not to see that feel free to mute my RT's on twitter or mute my thread on mastodon.
For the record I only RT maybe one every day or every other day. Rationals and examples are here:

A friend just muted me on Twitter for that 😭

Selfie challenge day 173, TH-178, eye contact ~ Show more

@Leonore bof, j'aime bien le faire. Généralement ça correspond à mon mood sur le moment et ça fait un petit effet cathartique qui est relativement agréable ^^"

@Leonore ah non non rien d'automatisé. Je le fais au feeling ^^

My cute Yuri waiting-list (haven't really filtered those ones yet) is looking pretty good right now...
Dear followers, brace yourselves, you're going to get cute Yuri for quite some time 😇

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"Evil ML is a joke compiler from ML to C++ template language (not ordinary C++ code). Please, don't use this for practical purposes." — I won't, trust me…


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