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I'm moving my lesbian drawings/yuri thread here.

Last post of the previous thread:

This thread tries to share drawings that are as little objectifying as possible and thus that tend to be drawn by female artists :heart_eyes_cat_lesb:

@embr well at least it restrain a lot of people (mods&admins with no access to the server) and it refrains from having them the easy way. The psql output is still painful to read and look for info

@embr though since it's a lot harder for admins to go and watch private messages. Then you just have to trust that instances are not specially designed to eavesdrop on people is officially up and working!! 💖

Registrations are closed for now but mutuals are free to request an account! DM me :blobcat:

You can follow me there at @kit_ty_kate

SMTP ports have been unlocked without IDs&pictures!! Yay! That really shouldn't have been asked but... whatever...

@lthms if you do let me know if you want some help to start or anything

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