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By way of , I am Magnus Hedemark from Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). I am a technology executive by day, and enthusiast of a number of hobbies like , aquariums, and comic books. I'm + + (!)

Sorry (not sorry) I've suddenly gotten into . This includes converting some of my plants to hydroponics so they can eat fish poop right out of my aquarium water while it's still fresh.

I watched the first episode of this morning.

It was very different in tone, style, and pacing from other Marvel projects. I found it to be wholesome, optimistic, upbeat, and funny. I liked it more than I expected I would.

They seem to put a high value on authentic representation of Pakistani-American culture and family dynamics. A quick look at IMDb and the creative team behind the show tells about a Marvel creative team drawing from representative voices.

I’m watching “Salem’s Lot” and it’s amazing how many production goofs are in this. They had some big actors and still made an amateur vampire film.

In another life I would have been a filmmaker.

Here's my ideal scenario:

1. Purchase music for download (or rip from CDs).
2. Create playlists, etc on my computer.
3. Sync music, along with playlists, with my Android phone, in a way that lets me listen offline.

So... basically what I had with my T-Mobile G1 back in 2010? Or my iPod in 2005?

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The thing I don’t love about things like is that incentivizes compartmentalization of acceptance/inclusion. If I’m queer all year, why can I only be proud in June? See also: Autism Acceptance Month and many other examples.

Whoever dressed Tim Apple for this event should get the sack.

It’s kind of sad that we even need Continuity Camera, though. It’s only there because Apple has a long, proud history of nerfing its MacBook cameras.

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I’m curious about the “Continuity Camera” feature announced at . Does it only work when the iPhone is clipped on top of a MacBook display? Or will it be really useful and work on an external display?

has become a bit of a parody of itself.

The MetalFX demo was particularly awkward when they were crowing about smooth graphics while showing jerky ones… talking about realistic graphics while showing primitive cartoonish ones.

Progress. It’s far from done but the plumbing bulkheads are in. I’m still waiting for supplies to arrive.

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I think if I were starting over again I might skip tech to make films.

I’m going to start plumbing hydroponic plants into my aquarium filtration system. Photos description: several angles of a potted peace lily houseplant and a square glass planter that it’s intended to be transferred to. The glass planter has one small hole drilled in it up high and a larger hole drilled down low on the same pane. These holes are for mounting plumbing bulkheads for water going in and draining back out.

Hi everyone! This is the official new account for GoToSocial updates, news, and release announcements!

We'll try to post about GtS on this account rather than on personal accounts, so please feel free to follow if you wanna keep up with how things are going!

While we're here, here's some links:

The project:

The docs:

Our brand new Open Collective page so you can send us some delicious money 😎:

That's it! Happy Friday! ❤️

Sometimes I feel like I’m just done with tech and it’s time to make movies or something new.

No spoilers, but the series on Disney+ is raising the bar for once again. It had fallen so low but it’s really thriving on the small screen.

Please no spoilers in replies. Let’s give folks a chance to experience it for themselves.

I don't know if I'm doing Mastodon wrong or if there was only a momentary peak in toots when Melon Husk announced he was buying the birdsite.

It seems to me like there is a lot of room in the startup space for someone to put John Deere in their place. Make a point of making your electric farm equipment user-repairable and you'll get a lot of free marketing.

I know the world is going to see Namor the Sub-Mariner in the MCU years after seeing Aquaman on the big screen. And I could see how casual fans might think that Disney is trying to rip off Aquaman.

But it's the other way around. Aquaman was a comic book rip-off of Namor.

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