Sorry (not sorry) I've suddenly gotten into . This includes converting some of my plants to hydroponics so they can eat fish poop right out of my aquarium water while it's still fresh.

Progress. It’s far from done but the plumbing bulkheads are in. I’m still waiting for supplies to arrive.

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I’m going to start plumbing hydroponic plants into my aquarium filtration system. Photos description: several angles of a potted peace lily houseplant and a square glass planter that it’s intended to be transferred to. The glass planter has one small hole drilled in it up high and a larger hole drilled down low on the same pane. These holes are for mounting plumbing bulkheads for water going in and draining back out.

I didn’t realize until now that Steve Agee, the actor who also played John Economos in Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, played Nanaue (King Shark) on-set in Suicide Squad.

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grafana dashboard screen capture 

(apologies this image is too dense to describe well)

I've been aiming more and more of my Swarm containers at my little driven cluster. The almost complete lack of strain defies my expectations. Yes, big bulk file moves can increase dropped packet rates. But the only shortcoming I'm finding right now is I went too cheap on the SSD size.

The world is overdue for another Re-Animator film. I’m watching the original now. Jeffrey Combs is the GOAT.

I'm stress-testing my little cluster (4x Raspberry Pi 4 4GB, 1x SSD per Pi). Nothing big. Just copying a bunch of files to it over cephfs from a single client. It's holding up well! I'm going to add some more osd capacity to it when the next batch of Pi's ships out. But I aim to use this for S3 bucket hosting to back my own services.

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OK my little tiny based cluster is up and running. No clients yet. Right now there are 4x 480GiB Crucial SSD's running as osd (one per Pi). I'll have 4-6 more SSD-class OSD's when the next batch of Pi 4's come in (likely in June).

Ironically I've got 4x 1TiB NVMe left over from another project. More osd's maybe?

Appropriate dress code for meeting w/ C-level executives of multibillion dollar corporation on a Friday.

I'm a little out of practice since the pandemic started, but I also enjoy photography. Often of models, but really I just like taking photos of people.

By way of , I am Magnus Hedemark from Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). I am a technology executive by day, and enthusiast of a number of hobbies like , aquariums, and comic books. I'm + + (!)


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