I thought I might give Bookwyrm a shot at but it seems an unusually common artifact of Fediverse software that the Docker deployment instructions are similarly strange.

I did file an issue with Bookwyrm, hoping to help on some level. But maybe if one Fediverse project nails down better Docker images, the rest may follow? github.com/bookwyrm-social/boo

The learnings lately have been great. It's opened up a lot of options for me that either I was curious about but never seriously tried before (ceph), or that I used to do professionally and they can help me out again (iscsi).

Now I need to make some of this stuff "production ready" and build out more solutions.

This is a YouTube channel I really enjoy. Not my own channel. This new video published today is going to be one of my projects for game servers on . I plan to modify this setup to run on . youtube.com/watch?v=_ypAmCcIlB


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