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We are overdue for another film. I just finished watching 2/3 of the Andy Serkis trilogy and these are so good.

Newark is telling me my order that I submitted in April isn't due to ship until February 2023!

I didn’t realize until now that Steve Agee, the actor who also played John Economos in Suicide Squad and Peacemaker, played Nanaue (King Shark) on-set in Suicide Squad.

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Teeth, tooth pain 

I’ve been on my back for the past couple of days with tooth pain. Slept through most of the day yesterday. It’s amazing how of all of our body parts, our teeth may make us more vulnerable to pain than any other body part.

For those interested in digging a bit deeper: this is an article that I wrote a while ago going in detail of why the Web 3.0 is nothing but a perverse bubble of scammers.

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I'm surprised that this article doesn't really tackle the elephants in the room:

- The "decentralized" Web 3.0 is actually already much more centralized than the current Web. You want to buy/sell an NTF? Go to OpenSea. You want to build an app that interacts with a Blockchain? There's only Infura and Alchemy for that. Authentication over wallet? Sure, MetaMask does it. These four actors have basically a complete monopoly on the #web3. At a level that is even greater than the control exerted by Google or Facebook. Without a Blockchain, you can't do anything with a dApp. You can't even test your app - even testing and debugging needs to happen in somebody else's walled garden. In order to push anything to a Blockchain, you either run your own mining node (which either requires a lot of money, a lot of computing power, or both), or you delegate access to one of the gatekeepers. Can you imagine a world where the only way to push new records to a Postgres db is either to invest a lot into a mining node, or use a proprietary API provided by Google?

- The proof-of-work that powers Bitcoin (and most of today's Blockchains) is a criminal environmental disaster, period. Its throughput is laughable, even when compared to even the dumbest LAMP-based web application running on a Raspberry Pi, and the energy it burns to add a new block (just to solve a stupid numeric puzzle that isn't useful to anyone) should be enough to consider mining as a criminal activity against the whole planet. And its proposed alternative (proof-of-stake) has never been truly experimented on a large scale and, once it does, if it works, it will simply heavily centralize the Web 3.0. In order to get a stake on a Blockchain, you'll need to invest money. And a lot of it (Ethereum is talking about something in the order of the tens-hundreds of thousands of dollars). Do the supporters of Web3 and the proof-of-stake as the future know that they are simply laying the foundation for the next oligarchs of the web, that are likely to be much more powerful than today's because the barriers between users/developers and the actual infrastructure are even higher than today's?

If you want a #decentralized world, just pick any of the open-source projects out there that provides a way to federate with other services, run your own freaking server like it's 1999, and you're good to go.

You don't need NFT and crypto scam to build a decentralized internet. Nor you need mining algorithms that burn as much energy as the Netherlands just to push 0.001% of the transactions currently processed by Visa/Mastercard for a tiny fraction of that energy. Nor you need to have new gatekeepers. Nor you need to build a new oligarchy were only those who can afford to pay $100,000 can afford a stake on a Blockchain.

It's time for this Web 3.0 degenerated scammy bubble to burn in a ball of fire and get forever out of our sight.

On the upside, I found a Mini PCIe port when I was in there so I can stuff 1x 2.5" SSD, 1x mSATA, and 1x NVMe into one of these 1L size machines. The main tradeoff is you only get 1Gbe with this and there's no upgrade path to 10Gbe. The USB 3.0 ports are too slow for this and there's no PCIe.

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work tonight was skunked for the most humiliating reason: the HP DeskPro 600 G2 Mini machines I meant to use for NVMe osd's on my ceph cluster didn't come with m2 screws, and they use a non-standard size so none in my stash will fit.

I had to buy a tiny screw assortment for the first time since ... this century, I think.

re: grafana dashboard screen capture 

That past won't format right on many screens.

The filesystem ended up with 562GB usable space. I'm using only 7.5GB. 555GB remains.

Not exactly ready to host a Plex library at that size, but it's more than fine to host Prometheus/Grafana/Loki/Traefik/etc.

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re: grafana dashboard screen capture 

The only thing keeping me from using it more, really, is effective capacity. I've got 4x 480GB SSD's in there as osd right now. But really a lot less than that is usable.

phatalbert@hive-worker-003:~$ df -h -t ceph
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on 562G 7.5G 555G 2% /muninn
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grafana dashboard screen capture 

(apologies this image is too dense to describe well)

I've been aiming more and more of my Swarm containers at my little driven cluster. The almost complete lack of strain defies my expectations. Yes, big bulk file moves can increase dropped packet rates. But the only shortcoming I'm finding right now is I went too cheap on the SSD size.

I've been cannibalizing my k8s cluster nodes to build the Swarm. For my , Swarm > K8s.

I'm thinking I might start cannibalizing the control plane to add some NVMe OSD's to my cluster.

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I spent a lot of hours in the over the weekend.

What went well:

  • migrating my Docker stack from a single-instance Swarm running on an old Intel NUC, to a 3-node Swarm cluster with shared storage.
  • Got my old Netgate SG-2440 firewall appliance running Debian Buster. Its long-term purpose in life is waiting for me to figure out.

What didn't go well:

  • stuff. Many hours were lost. But I don't think I want to host this in current state.

It's #introduction time!

- 🇮🇹 geek in his mid-thirties, based in 🇳🇱

- 🎓 M.Sc in computer engineering.

- My current job is about fixing and automating global supply chains, one line of code at the time, but I have worked in a wide range of industries over the past (nearly) two decades.

- My hobbies often involve automating everything around me.

- :linux: #Linux user since 2001. My experience as a Linux admin started back in a time when I used run my IRC and Apache servers on a repurposed Pentium 1 under my bed, and it still took about 10 💾 to install a full Slackware system.

- :arch: #Arch Linux and rolling release enthusiast.

- 🛠 Creator and main developer of #Platypush (, an open-source (mainly :python: and :vue:), general-purpose platform/framework to automate everything - from smart devices, to cloud services, to robots, to DevOps operations, to everything in between. With hundreds of available integrations, you can think of it as IFTTT+Tasker+SmartThings on steroids, scriptable, and runnable on almost any device. Or maybe like HomeAssistant's lighter brother.

- Admin of, a Mastodon instance where I may talk a lot about Platypush, automation, programming, electronics and maths. I tend to write a lot, so if you're looking for an instance with a 10,000 characters per toot limit...

- Looking for relays with instances dedicated to similar topics. My dream would be to build an experience, when it comes to #Fediverse #relays, that is akin to curated #OPML lists, where admins can create curated federated experiences for the users on their platforms, rather than the open-to-everything overwhelming stream of toots on the federated timeline that most of the relays provide nowadays.

- 🤖 Machine-learning enthusiast. I have published a book on it, with simple computer vision exercises that can be run on a #RaspberryPi, and I did some academic research back in time where neural networks were still a green field, and I never stop learning new stuff.

- 🧪️ Physics, chemistry, biology, maths and astronomy enthusiast.

- 🎵 Music addict, 🎸and 🎹 player, and occasional composer/producer You can find some of my music here and here

- I may often write about random politics/economics/philosophy. I may sometimes be very passionate on topics such as open-source, open data, open protocols, tolerance and social inequalities. I mostly belong to the progressive/social-democratic field. You are welcome to try and change my mind, as long as you do it in a civilized and data-driven way.

- 🏄 and 🛹️ rider. And, as a good Dutch resident, 🚲 enthusiast.

- 👪 Full-time father.

I just finished reading the “House of X” series (Marvel Comics, X-Men). This one might be too rich to ever turn into a film.

The guy ringing me up at the supermarket reminds me of a young Jeffrey Combs and as a result I’m inclined to think he’s probably pretty cool.

Doctor Who: Ncuti Gatwa to replace Jodie Whittaker, BBC announces

Sex Education star will be first black actor to play role full-time when Russell T Davies returns to run show in 2023

I could get there. Eventually. But I'm coming to the realization that I don't want to support this on an ongoing basis. This does not spark joy.

Bailing out.

Sorry. I don't want to offer a service I can't stand behind. 😪​

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I'm working on deploying tootsuite/mastodon docker image, but before I can do that I need to create a temporary environment just to run the rake secret (etc) commands to build an environment file. The dependency hell I'm finding just to get bundle install to run is pretty wild.

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