With this latest ‘revelation’ about the royal family’s vetoing of laws. Could we finally dispose of the monarchy?

Why is the go to solution for the uk government is to clap at things.

US Politics 

How often is there an uprising by those who aren’t oppressed eh?

After being locked in for nearly a year and it doesn’t look to improve anytime soon, it’s time to put myself out there and reach out online...

... Hi ​:blobcatsurprised:

You kidding me, apparently I hadn't fully transferred all of my podcasts across when using new app and missed a few hours of new parapod?!

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Here's a privacy feature you can set up with ProtonMail and iOS 13. 👍

1. Tap Shortcuts > Automation > Create Personal Automation
2. Select Arrive > Choose "USA" for Location
3. Tap Add Action > Select the ProtonMail app > Tap Wipe Local Data

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Listen to an audiobook. librivox.org/ has free, public domain books recorded by volunteers.

Me: At work
My tasty coffee that I put tender loving care into making this morning : Chilling in kitchen at home 😭

Was planning on messing around with decentralised apps and Mesh, instead I cannot stop watching Star Trek

Life and Exercise 

Psychic myself up before going on a parkrun event tomorrow morning. Take a chip out of my anxieties whilst at the same time attempting to stop being a fat ass

My first toot... I’m so tired that swiping at my face is the easiest way to check if I have my glasses on or not


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