We have to be willing to ask the question - what are we without voices? What are we if we cannot speak, cannot listen?

Not that audible speech is somehow special, but rather that it's important to provide channels of communication to everyone in our sphere

There are so many people I know who have to push their way through so many artificial barriers to speak, and my life is worse for the lack of their voices

hot take about witchy stuff / astrology 

so like I'm definitely not the least woo woo person to ever exist but if I see anyone on here judging others based on when in the year they were born I'm gonna flip my wig

folks. that shit is so wack. astrology, tarot, leafreading, and all other forms of scrying woo are completely fine for you personally but you really really need to check yourself before using shit like this to judge other people

Sometimes, things take a little time to mature. To work out.To vest. To come to fruition.

That's okay.

Be patient. Be kind.

"As the sowing, so the reaping."

Okay! I'm gonna do this. I'm looking for players for a one shot game in which your characters will delve into an ancient tomb to discover the secrets and potential riches buried there!

I'd like to do this Sunday evening, but I'm not sure exactly when.

I have pregens, or bring your own 1st to 3rd level 5th edition characters. If you don't have a character, but have a concept for one, let me know and I'll be happy to roll one up for you.

fractela, reference to sexual activity 


hey fedi, approximately when (local time) do you usually wake up? boosts 🆗

I am now a proud patron of wxcafe on Patreon! Community funding is what keeps the Fediverse alive, folks.



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