hey fedi, approximately when (local time) do you usually wake up? boosts 🆗

@nora I wake up when I do for Job Reasons, if it were up to me I would sleep Several More Hours =P

@nora if there's a lecture or sth early in the morning: 7:00. other days: waaay after 10:00

@nora i woke up 2200 today, if that gives you any indication of how limited your poll options are :p

@nora at my age, this needs multiple choice options

@nora Help, the brackets are overlapping! Also: I usually wake up before 8, but I usually turn around and nap some more until the alarm goes off (at 0830).

@nora Varies with my health. Voted for my 'norm' but in when I'm doing badly wake up 2 hours later or so.

@nora I selected 0400-0600, but I'm generally awake far before that...

@nora is this in seconds since midnight, or just military-style timestamp without minute separator?

@nora this is my second day of having to wake up at 6 for two years and I am heartbroken about this poll

@nora I need a clarification if "usually" implies "voluntarily". Because that would change things :-)

@nora somewhere between three and six and then again at like eight thirty 😫

@nora historically noon, but I just started taking a class with a 10 AM lab so I’ve had to start getting up a LOT earlier on fridays and it is Not Fun

@nora Good thing you didn't make this post a couple years ago when I regularly woke up at 0300 for my weird job

@nora this poll is bad because the people who wake up at 8 have to choose between 2 very different options

@nora y’all wake up so early, actually how are y’ll doing that

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