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About Me, Outlook on Technology 

I don't care what is technically possible. I care about what actual people using the software, product, or service will or have experienced.

"Actual people" is inclusive and includes you, too. Screen readers, text-only email, TUI web browsers, system administrator experience are all relevant. So are GMail, Outlook, Chrome, and iOS.

Telling me to disregard an entire category of users without good reason is not welcome.

#GitHub continuing to suffer from their savior from themselves syndrome by again taking down a repository and then restoring it to great fanfare.

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Bounty conditions:
- You must no reuse any leaked or proprietary source code (clean room!)
- The driver must be fully functional without proprietary blobs.

Bounty is payable via:
- Monero
- uPlexa
- PayPal and Stripe
- Cash by mail (US residents only)

I know it isn't a ton for the amount of work that would go into writing it but its the best I can offer at the moment. If anyone else would like to contribute to the bounty pleaes let me know.

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Now for the good news.

gru-based Chromebook like the Samsung Chromebook Plus v1 use a card called the 88W8997P-NKW2, it is from Marvell. Documents found in the Rockchip leak may be useful as a reference. This is evident from teardowns posted on the FCCs website.

Confidential documentation for this card was posted on the Nvidia Developer Forums. Here it is:

I am offering $500 (US) to anyone who writes a fully free (libre), cleanroomed Linux driver for this card.

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i love to unplug my battery-powered heating system controller from the wall so i can change its batteries. i wish there was an easier and more convenient way to power it, though... oh well. price of modern technology i guess

> At another time, the Chinese network claimed the use was permissible because they’d read on a website that all music that comes out of the United States is released under Creative Commons licenses. At another point, the network admitted the way they source music is from torrent files, which contain thousands of unlabeled tracks under genres like “Epic music torrent” or “Best emotional music torrent.”

Bad TV show idea of the day: Evil, people-murdering plants from outer space start showing up in society - but they look just like normal plants. The only people that can save humanity? Uptight homeowners' associations with years of experience policing what plants are growing on other people's property

"If you are being paid by a company, you should be in a union. It's basic uncommon sense."

that was a concerning beep sequence coming from outside

Thank you to everyone who has put the greater good above themselves. People who leak, pirate, protest, or whatever else it may be: thank you. It's an incredibly difficult thing to do. Know that you have made an impact. You are loved, appreciated, and we're eternally grateful to you, even if the legal system isn't. You're braver than I could ever be.

Zoom is adding watermarks to video and audio😮

What You Should Know Before Leaking a Zoom Meeting - Slashdot -

setting a shadowrun campaign in the UK purely so I can canonicalise stupid stuff like:

"The first European corp to gain extraterritoriality was Costa Coffee, by arguing that it owning roughly 80% of the former Essex (now the Republic of Costa) should be considered prior art. They then immediately declared all of its locations to be consulates, for tax reasons."

Car thief berates mom for leaving kid in car (tldr: mom leaves car running and unlocked while heading into store, guy decides to steal car then discovers a four year old in the back and heads back to hand off kid to mom before berating her and driving off again)

the state of western journalism is so fucking funny. I got a news alert about the state department branding China the new Nazis or some shit but i can't even read this capitalist propaganda because the Wall Street Journal wants me to pay them $32.99 for the pleasure

The MPA's argument isn't even legally sound. Their argument is that the source code facilitates "copyright infringement" because it is a home for development of the torrent tracker. The source code on is not illegal though, which is what they took down.

If you're going to file completely fraudulent DMCA takedown requests that is supposed to be illegal (unlike the source code). Not only that but I do not believe your information should be hidden from public view as it is on this notice.

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Not only does LeGuin get a US Postage Stamp, the background celebrates one of the first and most notable #nonbinary characters in #sff.

@mwlucas My opinion: skip openssl.conf completely, at some point, it is more readable to read a programming language you don't understand than trying to figure out the openssl configuration.

When lecturing about TLS, I provide examples with openssl(1) on the command line, and quickly switch to snippets of Ruby to show how a certificate is built and how a CA sign it. Hands-on with openssl(1) is doable, but drives EVERYONE crazy (especially me) 😱

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