i'm such a dork, i used "ACK+FIN" to terminate a support chat

screenplay, mashup 

re: programming 

meme format:

i / love / all
of / not you / the
zelda / wind / temples

man they're in for a real nasty shock when they find out how much their vote is worth

This article on files hits home for me as I write my first serious desktop application.

I'm trying to keep as much as possible of the user's data in the form of individual, human-readable and editable files. But I keep running into the same problem: Filesystems are not transactional.

I'm keeping the most important things as individual files so they can be easily read without any special-purpose software, but everything else is going into a (sqlite) database for this very reason.



And also, 'give us your email' popups on every web page ever, I'm looking at YOU.

Who the heck do you think you're targeting with those? Who? Who?

you know what i wish some of these leaked internal tech company letters said

"Unfortunately, it is not safe for us to be publicly seen as going against current administration policy, so we will continue to take and service ICE contracts."

hey if you're running linux and have the full mono runtime installed, check to make sure isn't an http server, for some reason the full mono runtime includes an at-boot web server

i'm curious: how many people use DSCP + ECN in their internal networks?

Harry Potter and the Unauthorized Copying and Distribution of Scientific Publications

This is so ridiculous it's like a child designed my garden

A kid has already come up and met them and I have never seen something so happy

I used to think the British "sorry" was an apology for a small error like bumping someone on the train, so I replied "no problem don't worry about it". Then I learned it actually means "sorry we had to interact" and I've been making it worse by offering warmth and forgiveness.

@monorail i was rounding down because they lost 0.5% in the incident = 99.5% = errrr that's two and a half nines shit

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