i hate buzzfeed but at the same time, they werent complicit in misinformation and the media cult campaign that treated Trump like a viable candidate and helped get him elected like *checks hand* every other cable news outlet :blobshrug:



Yeah I know you kids think "Neon Genesis Evangelion" is cool, but let me tell you about the *original* depressed kid whose dad used him as a robot-piloting part of a bizarre scheme: Jesus. That robot? Mankind.

coronavirus and TV 

(Kiki is the Krita mascot, described as a "left-handed cyber-squirrel")

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how COVID CONSCIENTIOUS are you? Tip your delivery driver extra! Thank a grocer! Kidnap a senator and demand change! wash your hands thoroughly!

I, being the absolute dumbass that I am, have now dedicated 53 layers to this explosion of hair

i think that "buttsbot no" and "buttsbot yes" are cute human-robot interactions

​. wolf .
|\ ears /|

process exited with status 0
press any key to continue... :t_blink:

You are about to witness the CEO of F1

He does not look like you think he will

why did they call it a "mortgage" and not 

I just get the biggest kick out of the fact something existed only in my head and then it existed *outside of my head* because art is a thing people can do. It's so neat!

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