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About Me, Outlook on Technology 

I don't care what is technically possible. I care about what actual people using the software, product, or service will or have experienced.

"Actual people" is inclusive and includes you, too. Screen readers, text-only email, TUI web browsers, system administrator experience are all relevant. So are GMail, Outlook, Chrome, and iOS.

Telling me to disregard an entire category of users without good reason is not welcome.

harry potter 

absolutely wild that the public opinion of wizards doesn't see "A client state manages our monetary policy" as a problem

Vore kink, deep spoilers for Misadventures Incorporated 

When people talk about noncon vore, it usually isn't the predator role who doesn't want to be in the situation




"They have the as-builts"

whisper those five words every girl wants to hear: 

undefined behavior, no diagnostic required

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komodo dragon swallowing an antelope whole, im not kidding 


code review program opinions (not github/gitlab) 

gerrit is mildly idiosyncratic but at least it isn't phabricator


"Dick Cheney is part of an entire systemic destruction and looting of human life and society that comes out of being vice-president of the United States. You don't need Dick Cheney personally executing people on the runway for him to be complicit in 9/11."

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Shower thought: P2P protocols in fact involve both a technical protocol and a social protocol, involving etiquette such as "seed until a ratio of 2.0x", formal and informal rules of what can or can't be shared, and so on.

The social protocols, by their very nature, can't be enforced entirely in a programmatic way, but are necessary for the health of the system.

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@afrangry It's because of the "office key" - some keyboards have a special office key, except it doesn't send a special keycode, it just sends ctrl+alt+shift+windows

Problem: Google Cloud SSH "download file" gives "Error: Failed"

Solution: install tailscale, tailscale file cp

active; direct 34.94.xx.xx:41641, tx 2789944 rx 73071464

I love being subjected to high pressure sales tactics over the phone in exchange for a job,

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curl 7.83.1 it burns

The main focus today is on the 6 new security vulnerabilities. Several at severity Medium.

Sorry for the turbulence

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You know just a thought but like… maybe building up critical system after critical system on the premise that we would have a nonstop, steady stream of supply was not the best idea in the long run? idk 🤷

game experience report 

This session, We took the "civilian transport mission".
Our medical officer prepared sedatives and handcuffs in case it was one of the traitor transport missions.
Instead, the civilian spawns a giant friendly mudraptor, and says "they get antsy on long trips :)"

I navigated the shit out of that leg and we arrived in record time. My BNav is also noticeably improving

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