I'm Lola - I have no idea what the fediverse is. But I'm autistic, furry, polyam, anarchist and sapphic. Talk to me about Star Trek (I unironically love Voyager) and Star Wars. I don't know how else to introduce myself aside from listing things that I like.

I wanna make friends and stuff and avoid mainstream social media because it gives me brain worms.

@rosenocturne hey welcome! in my experience that's a solid way to go about it 👍

@rosenocturne welcome! I hope you'll like it here.
I'm also a bit of a Voyager fan. I recently decided to re-watch it all, because the seven character has become so important to me, but I've changed a bit since last time I watched it, 15 years ago...

@rosenocturne Hello! Listing things that you like is, unironically, a good way to introduce yourself here.

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