Really wishing I could stop fucking up my relationships...

The final days to #BundleUp4Whitney are here, so jump on it while you still can! Support a designer & artist in need and get some rad games to play, too! The bundle has been pretty successful so far, so I'd like a few good days to close it out! Share too!

I find myself wondering how late I am to the conversation about turning black friday into Black friday... As in, it's not about sales, but about celebrating Black folk. The corporate machines will still grind out their "sales", dropping things to nearly-affordable prices from whatever insane amounts they raised them to ahead of November, but we could make today about something, if we wanted to.

I'm white as paper, so this isn't my conversation to have. But I'm curious.

Trying to decide whether I've properly learned Elixir, yet...

Current conclusion? Keep reading.

If anyone still follows me, out there, and wants my PoGO friend code, here you go! Just message me here or at one of the accounts below, so I know whose requests are who!


PSA and reminder:

The terms "blacklist" and "whitelist" are racially charged. Stop using them.

Alternatives depend on context: allow/deny, permit/prevent, approve/reject, pass/block. And so on.

"But it's tied to darkness being scary and light being friendly!"

So is racism.

"You're just virtue signaling!"

I'm repeating what Black folks (and even some PoCs) have said multiple times already, about _their own lives_.

Jump-start your own research at

282 days and counting. Plenty of ups and downs, some of them from guarding my heart too strongly. But things are still decent, if not as wonderful as they once were. Really want this one to last - I mean, I want them _all_ to last, but this one has already been through a lot. The effort to overcome my poor habits and thrive in this will be well worth it.

Sorry for the delay in updates. Masto's been harder to use for a long while than it once was, for purely personal reasons.

@Sylvhem Hm, not sure for the rest of your followers but I view promo posts from sex workers in the same way as illustrators promoting commissions or crafters promoting their jewelry Etsy store. And I don't mind them at all.

I know I'm not here as much as I used to be. I'm not here as much as I'd _like_ to be. But I found a really cool thing, and I wanted to share it with you:

This seems to be especially useful for folks living between the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars, though it's also super cool for folks who just really like calendars. I happen to be one of the latter. More on that elsewhere.

Check it out, and help it manifest!

Pokémon GO friend code 

Making sure my war game is anti-fascist 

Just a reminder that my fiance and i are looking for donations for our wedding at @kofi_button. Step one. John needs to get divorced... #donation #fundraising #donate #pleasesupport #CrowdFund #TransCrowdFund #disabled #queer #spoonie #autism

I've been promising it for a while, and I've done an update to Script Change! Please check it out!

We reached our first stretch goal! Check out the update for info on our other stretch goals still to come AND a special surprise from Brie! Congrats Anders!

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