OMG, you folks!

I might've kinda sorta almost started to meet someone super fucking cute who I have some stuff in common with but not so much we'd be annoying each other and *screams excitedly*!!!

Not sure it'll go anywhere, but I'm totally into giving it a shot. 💜


First date? Success! 😍

He's every bit as amazing in person! And I didn't completely flub with my awkward attempts at interaction! And OMG, his little family of cats, rats, and buns is totes adorbs, too! *more excited screaming*

So, if you couldn't tell, I'm pretty happy right now. 💜

@sendoshin Aaaaand got my hopes up way too far.

Gained a friend, which is awesome!

Didn't gain a partner.

So, y'know, disregard all the above.

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