Whelp. Here I go again. Somebody else has a piece of my heart. Let's see how this one turns out, shall we?

It's long distance, but even so, they do me a happy when they do me a protecc. So it's a decent start. 💜

I imagine you already have your Bingo cards out for this one...

That's fair.

@sendoshin Well, 10 days further in, and things are still good. Still seem compatible, still have plenty in common while still having enough differences to play off of each other, still doing me a happy every day. I believe we're reaching the full 2 week mark, now, though we've been talking a bit for over a year.

So, y'know, whatever Bingo card spaces that fills...

282 days and counting. Plenty of ups and downs, some of them from guarding my heart too strongly. But things are still decent, if not as wonderful as they once were. Really want this one to last - I mean, I want them _all_ to last, but this one has already been through a lot. The effort to overcome my poor habits and thrive in this will be well worth it.

Sorry for the delay in updates. Masto's been harder to use for a long while than it once was, for purely personal reasons.

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