I no longer have an account on ... This happened without warning, so I don't have my archive, or even my followers list so I can tell folks to relocate. If you know somebody who was following my account there, and still wants to follow me elsewhere, please let them know to look for me here.

And no flaming the admin(s) of IWCTS. The decision was without warning, but it wasn't unwarranted. I hope the instance continues to thrive!

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@zeezeemoomoo It wasn't entirely unexpected. I just thought I'd have some warning before it actually went down.

Life continues.

@suetanvil @varx Kaylee also created the instance, originally. I just ran it for a while when they were on a hiatus from tech in general. It's a wonderful instance, and I'll miss it. ๐Ÿ’œ

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