UPDATE! I solved why fish took so long to startup! it was using a recursive path setting definition causing the path to grow every time it opened, and causing fish to search *all of the paths* every time it started:

`set -U fish_user_paths ~/bin $fish_user_paths`

fish is great, and I love it, but seriously wtf is that startup time lmao, I did the time thing with zsh, tcsh, bash, and sh and not a single one got above 0.00s

it's *technically* not a bug and there's a SXHKD specific environment variable you can set to get it to use a different shell, but it's not mentioned anywhere except in the projects issues.

I've opened one to add this info to the readme and i've added something to the archwiki

now all of my sxhkd shortcuts happen *instantly*, but jeez was this a weird case to track down

omg okay so the response time for bspwm was driving me crazy, I couldnt figure out why it'd take almost a second to switch desktops/do commands.

sxhkd (the keyboard daemon) uses the default shell to perform bspc commands (github.com/baskerville/bspwm/i), here's how fish compares to sh:

I'm watching Legend of Korra and how the FUCK did I not watch this before she's so fucking hot

Oh thank god we've switched to street fighter and I still have tits

We got to round 25 on kino on my first game back and I'm convinced i've regressed into a teenage boy with terrible sleep schedule and anxiety about body hair and deepening voice

Eating pizza playing black ops zombies split screen at my friends house as if the whole gendee thing never happened

What if instead of pronouns we had bronouns, and they're just for the fellas

Next up is bringing up those arm cores and getting an axi bus or whatever there's a tutorial for up and running on this...

Also this simple design took a bit over 3 minutes to synthesise, generate and program lol....

Got a 2-bit adder with carry working on the FPGA just to mess around with using verilog generated in SpinalHDL with the physical switches :D


RT @jesslynnrose@twitter.com

Hey Tech Twitter: Can you tell me what your post-tech burnout career is going to be?

I am going to be a professional hermit. Or bake. Idk.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/jesslynnrose/statu

I have a windows install on another ssd in my laptop and I wonder if I would be best just to swtich to that instead to work on this stuff lol

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