I think I could read emails a lot better if they contained 90% less words

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I am thrilled to the have the opportunity to be able to participate in this learning experience and gain insight into a different perspective and advance my knowledge base to be a more effective communicator enabling us to move forward and satisfy our objectibes and fulfill our d

I should get one of those temperature guns they have at shops and point it at passers by, quickly double check my reading emphatically, then sprint as far away from them as possible.

Rinse repeat

voraciously reading philosophy to try and justify my deep seated belief that the Dentist is scarier than the Doctors

been trying to catch "mental" illness by hanging around you lot. still no dice. rub faces with me

30 minutes of my time to write 3 lines that didnt need to be taken in the first place. I'm salty

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Didn't realise python warnings were such a disaster of all or nothing bullshit

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Just found out that "cat" on psh aliases to "Get-Content"


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