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im cool as a cucumber. a sea cucumber. im shitting my internal organs out in self defense

ActualAmy_: when I shave my legs I feel like a fascist painter

Now there ain't but 20,000 Big Floppas in the whole town.
Can you dig it?

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Nobody is flopping nobody.
That... is a miracle.
And miracles
is the way things ought to be!

trans support group careworkers phone goes off, Dude Looks Like A Lady heard playing muffled from her back pocket

one girl to bag the swag, another girl to tag the swag, another yet a hag for swag, another still to wag the swag

doing robbery with my chemical burns gf who has all her fingerprints missing so we can pay for her surgeries

Mentally speaking, i am woman (constantly complaining about how cold it is)

If a womans bedroom floor. Is littered with dead spiders get the freak out of there

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