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🇬🇧 Heya!
I'm Alex. I'm a curious and big-mouthed introvert.
In my thirties, and self-diagnosed .

I like gender-neutral language.

I'm overly fond of big , I brew my own and during the day I'm doing some .

I also speak French!

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🇫🇷 Salut!
Moi c'est Alex. Je suis un introverti curieux et bavard.
La trentaine, et auto-diagnostiqué .

Je préfère le language neutre mais vu la difficulté en Français, c'est sans doute plus facile d'alterner entre les genres.

Je suis fan de gros , je brasse ma propre et je fais du en journée.

Je parle aussi Anglais!

Coffee talk 

Today's coffee: a pretty classic V60 (20g/330ml), beans from Columbia, medium roast. Drinking it black.

Pretty strong change from my series of iced coffees/cold brew with tonic and the like I've had in the last days.

It's got a nice, fruity, kick to it when you sip and a gentle wave of bitterness that develops as it stays in the mouth.

I almost poured my coffee in my cereals. Today's one of those days, I guess.

Me as a friend:

  • spam fire/hearts emojis on your social media posts
  • lecture you on your skincare
  • always up to talk shit about your ex
  • TMI almost 24/7

And that's done, check and check y'all. A couple of weeks from now I'll be at maximum immunity against covid.

If you can get vaccinated and haven't already, go get your shots!

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There was a "debate" about suits in a community I'm part of and let me remind you how good I look in one.

Covid vaccination (+) 

Almost all of my direct colleagues are either with one shot already done or about to get it, this feels really good.

Making the best of what I have and small rituals in my life, enjoying a smooth cup of coffee on the couch chilling with the cat purring on my laps on this slow morning and OH MY GOD THE CLAWS YOU STUPID ASSHOLE AOUCH AOUCH AOUCH

Coffee (vegan) 

Vegan iced latte with cold brew 💁🏻

Vaccination (+) 

Starting at 6pm tonight anybody born in 1985 or before in Brussels will be able to schedule an appointment to get vaccinated. I'm 100% gonna jump on the chance as soon as it's available.

Belgian Politics, Far-Right, Flanders vs Wallonia 

One of the reasons why Flemish media did not prevent far-right ideas from spreading is that most of the privately-owned media in Flanders actually belong to one family, known Nazi collaborators (not a paraphrase: this family collaborated with literal Nazis during World War 2).

And now these ideas are publicly acceptable in Flanders.

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Belgian Politics, Far-Right, Flanders vs Wallonia 

There was a study on why Flanders & Wallonia vote so differently (Flanders skews heavily on the far-right, Wallonia is a lot more in the middle):

The TL;DR is that Walloon media & mainstream parties have kept a strict line to not publicize far-right talking points. There is no such thing in Flanders. As a result, far-right ideas have been spread and normalized.


Why are we not talking about the Lithuanian track anymore? We need to talk about this track.

re: Eurovision 

I also loved Lithuania. Such a massive gay energy.

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Ukraine, Italy, Malta are in my favourites by far this year. There we go.

Brussels just expanded its age bracket enough for me to register on the wait list for vaccination 🎉

EU Politics, Covid vaccines 

There's a petition to try and make the EU commission do everything in its power to make vaccines a global public good.

Please sign and share!

We need 1m signatures and 7 countries reaching the threshold.

Italy and Ireland are close to reaching that threshold. France and Spain do not miss too many signatures to reach it too.

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