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🇬🇧 Heya!
I'm Alex. I'm a curious and big-mouthed introvert.
In my thirties, and self-diagnosed .

I like gender-neutral language.

I'm overly fond of big , I brew my own and during the day I'm doing some .

I also speak French!

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🇫🇷 Salut!
Moi c'est Alex. Je suis un introverti curieux et bavard.
La trentaine, et auto-diagnostiqué .

Je préfère le language neutre mais vu la difficulté en Français, c'est sans doute plus facile d'alterner entre les genres.

Je suis fan de gros , je brasse ma propre et je fais du en journée.

Je parle aussi Anglais!

There are still people who haven't read this fantastic piece on the biggest plot hole from Star Wars and it's not acceptable:

UK Pol GRA Show more

The Torchlight Frontiers dev "fixed" this "bug"

I've had 3 Golden Retrievers and this is the most realistic thing I've seen in a video game

UK cis folks: PLEASE go and fill out this survey before the end of the week to help out our trans siblings.

Should only take you twenty minutes or so, if you're writing your own answers, but you can copy paste the examples.

It's really important to send a message to the UK government that simple changes in our legislation can make the lives of trans people infinitely better.

Hey, PSA and reminder: I created a #Riot room that is dedicated to sharing the #Commons (mainly sharing digital cultural works currently) and anyone can join and participate :!PbNlnxVMSOLgIeSsZ
Let's show everyone that there is plenty of high quality stuff released into the Commons! 🌈 🤘

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

Oct 17 Update: We have decided to tag the release tomorrow as version 1.0.0-beta.

Tomorrows release will include:
- Partial Federation Support*
- Updated admin/user tools
- Video support
- New compose UI
- Bug fixes

* - It may launch without the ability to follow a remote user from pixelfed, the search logic need to be updated for that and will be released in a day or two after.

Organisations with open plan offices should provide noise-cancelling headphones as a workplace accommodation.

I like how there are more images with descriptions than last #inktober or #mermay. But there are still so many really nice things where the description is missing.

So please, make your #inktober2018 more #accessible, thank you.

There's been some time since I posted a picture of Spooky. This is him sleeping on my lap while I work :blobcatmelt:

(eye contact, selfie)

#cat #cats #gato #gatos #chat #chats #catsOfMastodon #catsOfFediverse #mastoCats #mastoGatos #fediCats #fediGatos

Smaller CMSs, accessibility is a way to differentiate from Wordpress now. Ask people from the accessibility community to help you. If you got a budget, get someone to review your code or train your programmers, send people to conferences like AccessU to learn about the topic. Make your project inclusive, broaden your Audience massively.

A couple of friends of mine have recently been experimenting with mentioning CALLIGRAPHY PENS a lot around their laptops with browsers open on Facebook.

They don't talk about this otherwise, in any form or medium. Sure enough, they're getting calligraphy related FB adverts now.

There's no way big ad-based companies aren't helping themselves to data from your mic. Your phone and laptop are listening devices. For most of us, this will never have serious ramifications, but still, act accordingly.

Android queen Janelle Monáe (for GQ Magazine by Pari Dukovic) 💖

A call for #design #stem #dev and #tech women / non binary people out here on Mastodon. I want to follow more of you, especially #woc ! 👋🏿👋🏾👋🏽👋🏼 #sorority #feminism #nonbinary

Hey trans / nb people on here, do you have any advice on chosing a name (boosts ok) Show more

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