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Stop posting/boosting memes without image descriptions.

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🇬🇧 Heya!
I'm Alex. I'm a curious and big-mouthed introvert.
In my thirties, and self-diagnosed .

I like gender-neutral language.

I'm overly fond of big , I brew my own and during the day I'm doing some .

I also speak French!

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🇫🇷 Salut!
Moi c'est Alex. Je suis un introverti curieux et bavard.
La trentaine, et auto-diagnostiqué .

Je préfère le language neutre mais vu la difficulté en Français, c'est sans doute plus facile d'alterner entre les genres.

Je suis fan de gros , je brasse ma propre et je fais du en journée.

Je parle aussi Anglais!

Look, it's not fucking rocket science.

If your app displays the name of someone anywhere, you gotta support display name that can override first/last name.

It's literally that simple.

If you don't, your app is trash.

Gameing, The Fall Guys 

Holy heck I LOVE The Fall Guys.
It's the funniest party shitfest game I've ever touched.

If you have 20 bucks lying around and wanna scream and laugh at your computer for hours, GET IT.


Look, I am a grownup and if I wanna eat my cereals in a plastic container because I kept procrastinating the dishes, it's my own damn right.

Stop posting/boosting memes without image descriptions.

Smells like mouthwash, tastes like coke, vanilla and regrets

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I just had a taste of root beer for the very first time and somebody got some explaining to do.

What the fucking fuck is that?

Current mood is blasting Chiptune as loud as I can in my home office.

Sabrepulse - Turbo Spirit

Pole dance, mention of pain/injury, mention of COVID 

So I guess the morale of that story is: listen to your body when it tells you where the limit is.

Pushing is nice and well but if you're only getting hurt and miserable, it's time to switch it up and find another approach.

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Pole dance, mention of pain/injury, mention of COVID 

I cancelled all my Inter 2 classes and went back in Inter 1. I also cancelled Flexibility but I kept my strength conditioning class.

It was definitely the right move as I rediscovered the joy of being able to follow a technical class and pull off the moves. I've also had the time to practice my form some more since strength is not too much of an issue for me in most of the moves we are taught right now.

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Pole dance, mention of pain/injury, mention of COVID 

Before we had to get into lockdown, I had a whole superheroic pole season planned ahead, moving from Intermediate 1 to 2, keeping the exotic low flow, and also getting a strength conditioning class plus a flexibility class.

Now that we've resumed classes, this planning was definitely way too much for my three-months-without-pole body.

I kept hurting myself in Inter2 and I was constantly exhausted, so I decided to cut my losses.

Reading "Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race" 

Barely into this and it's already talking about the experience @Are0h mentioned multiple times.

I am not surprised at all.

Hey y'all, a friend of mine who's working in the medical field was wondering if there was any book she could read and recommend to her colleagues to improve the way they care for non-binary people and I have zero idea myself.

Do you have some?

Boosts OK.

Y'all if you're not getting @ArtistMarciaX newsletter you are missing the fuck out.

Go sub:

Happy International Non-Binary day, y'all. :nonbinary_flag:

People sending follow requests from a nearly empty account: what the fuck are you thinking?

If our accounts are locked, it's for a reason.


Today's treat: nitro cold brew with a bit of maple syrup block shavings to sweeten it out.

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