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🇬🇧 Heya!
I'm Alex. I'm a curious and big-mouthed introvert.
In my thirties, and self-diagnosed .

I like gender-neutral language.

I'm overly fond of big , I brew my own and during the day I'm doing some .

I also speak French!

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🇫🇷 Salut!
Moi c'est Alex. Je suis un introverti curieux et bavard.
La trentaine, et auto-diagnostiqué .

Je préfère le language neutre mais vu la difficulté en Français, c'est sans doute plus facile d'alterner entre les genres.

Je suis fan de gros , je brasse ma propre et je fais du en journée.

Je parle aussi Anglais!

Belgium is gonna get rid of gender markers on ID cards, fuck yes.

Yes, Mariah Carey is also featuring in my seasonal playlist.

They'd take away my gay card if she wasn't.

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I changed my nickname a bit early but starting tomorrow I will blast "Last Christmas" on repeat until January.

I might spice it up this year with the Cascada version.

Spotify keeps trying to push Podcasts on me and I wish I could tell them to fuck all the way off because I'm not interested in having my computer talk to me.

(I stole that line from @guerrillarain)

Demande d'adresse psy trans-friendly Paris, boosts ok 

Wesh les individus, une connaissance cherche des adresses de psychologues bienveillant.e.s et s'y connaissant un minimum sur les transidentités, sur Paris.

Dites moi si vous avez des bonnes adresses (DMs acceptés) et je transmettrai!

Merci tout le monde 💖


Cappuccino with maple sugar on top!

Espresso shot from my Flair Classic using a Brazil/Ethiopia blend
Oat milk foamed in an electric foamer because I'm lazy.

I do hope this will be the starting point of a massive shuffle in the video games industry but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

I do however cross my finger that the employees will not get the short end of the stick as they usually do.

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This whole ABK shitshow is so incredible. Every day you feel like they've hit rock bottom and yet they manage to pull something even worse out of their shit hat.

Mention of transphobic behaviour 

I just read this thing about how people need to stop using the language of grief when trans people announce their transition and it just clicked to me that's one of the main reasons I don't wanna talk to my blood family anymore.

They keep referring to my transition as something negative for them without seeing how positive it's been for me.


Home made cappuccino with my Flair, two successful shots this time around.

Coffee is a blend 70% Brazil / 30% Ethiopia.

⚠️ Avatar Change ⚠️

Friendship ended with SPOOKY
Now GLITCHY is my best friend

I'm gonna hire @guerrillarain to write my memoirs at some point and it's gonna be lit.

Personal, Mental Health, EDS 

I did however have a lovely chat today with the studio owner about exploring other disciplines that are adjacent to pole and could still tap in that vein of exploring my own sensuality/movement in dancing form but are gentler on my body. Strip Plastic could very much be that?

They do have lessons in my pole studio and they're usually ran by one of my favorite teachers. I guess I'm gonna try a couple classes at some point soon and see how that goes.

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Personal, Mental Health, EDS 

I am more and more coming to terms with the idea that I might have to stop doing pole dance because my EDS makes it extremely hard to practice on a regular basis without hurting myself constantly.

It's annoying because I loved it but if the price to keep going at it is hours and hours of physical therapy and strength conditioning just to survive classes, that kind of takes the fun out of it and I don't need to pressure myself into that.

New seasonal profile pic!

Drawing eye contact in the picture.

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