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🇬🇧 Heya!
I'm Alex. I'm a curious and big-mouthed introvert.
In my thirties, and self-diagnosed .

I like gender-neutral language.

I'm overly fond of big , I brew my own and during the day I'm doing some .

I also speak French!

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🇫🇷 Salut!
Moi c'est Alex. Je suis un introverti curieux et bavard.
La trentaine, et auto-diagnostiqué .

Je préfère le language neutre mais vu la difficulté en Français, c'est sans doute plus facile d'alterner entre les genres.

Je suis fan de gros , je brasse ma propre et je fais du en journée.

Je parle aussi Anglais!

Hésitez pas à partager la pétition, même si vous ne vivez pas en Belgique. Plus ça touche de monde et mieux ça sera 💖

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Pétition en ligne pour interpeller les pouvoirs publics Bruxellois sur le manque de financement des transports adaptés pour des enfants en situation de handicap.

Good thing about bouldering: You're using your entire body

Bad thing about bouldering: Your entire body is sore the next day

I'm turning 37 in a few hours and all I wish is for my back to stop hurting for a few minutes.

New policy: if you're talking about measures to fight global warming without talking about oil companies or billionaires flying all over the place in their jets, your advice is garbage and you should be ridiculed into silence.

Food (coffee) 

Alright y'all an affogato with some salted caramel ice cream is an absolute banger, this is now my thing.

Syncing my memes folder between my phone and desktop is self-care.

My current musical challenge is to find a remix/reprise of Blue Monday that isn't an absolute banger and it's gonna be a though one.

Selfies, eye contact, before/after queer glowup 

Some of y'all don't know but now you do.
The queer glowup is real.

Loving so far, almost 75k$ for Doctors without Borders and great runs already.

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