Facebook puts fake red notification dots to make you believe you have missed something in order to have you accept the new Terms and Conditions faster.

Whoever designed & implemented this needs to seriously reconsider their life choices.

And I'm gonna be real frank with y'all. If you keep using Facebook despite knowing the shit they do, you're complicit.

You're part of the reason why people refuse to move away from it, because "everyone is there" or "I can't get in touch with some people without it".

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@skiant I understand, and frankly I'm torn because I want to leave. But one of the support group I have, very helpful for me (like witchestown or meatspace could have been for you before for exemple), is in facebook. It will not exist outside of it, and honestly, I could not do without her for now : they help me with my confidence, with serious psy issues, with personal needs, etc.
Maybe one day I'll be able to tell myself : I can be ok without those girls, but for now definitely not…

@skiant Facebook is really just a pile of hot garbage --'.

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