Hey y'all, a friend of mine who's working in the medical field was wondering if there was any book she could read and recommend to her colleagues to improve the way they care for non-binary people and I have zero idea myself.

Do you have some?

Boosts OK.

@skiant This is edited by a great doctor at CHX GIC in London. I've not read it all but there's some big name nonbinary people in here, and also some doctors who are appreciated by nonbinary patients! (Meg John Barker is cool, and my partner likes Christina Richards.) ISBN 978-1-137-51053-2

@cassolotl @skiant the book Cas recommended is great, I have read it and showed it (or tried at least) to doctors many times. this one is another I am aware of, not focused on nonbinary folks tho [pdf for both is easily obtained]


Yes! For a book that would improve how health care providers care for nonbinary people, I recommend "Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community," edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth, published 2014. It's largely a handbook about transgender physical and mental health for an audience of trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people themselves. It's also written for their physical and mental health care providers. It's written by many trans people. I bought a copy a few months ago, and I've been absolutely delighted with it. So much of it is stuff that I wish I'd known years ago, as a nonbinary person, and which I wish my health care providers knew. I think every health care professional should read it.

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