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I was trying to setup apple pay on my french card since they added that recently
the verification has two methods available, either you call the bank or you verify through the app.
of course the app verification doesn't work, it's a bank after all... so I go to call them.
to verify you have to call through apple pay. turns out it tries to call without the international prefix so my call "cannot be completed as dialed"

very nice thank's

hmm sinon quelqu'un sait où/comment je pourrais louer un vélo route a la semaine ou au mois sur paris? au cas ou

it's called a BAGUETTE. you all sound like clowns. who ever heard of a "bread tube"

(shamelessly stolen from @eevee on twitter, sorry)

uggghhh this thing uses ssh-askpass which on this system is handled by seahorse (the gnome thing). seahorse also acts as my ssh-agent and holds my ssh key. yet this FUCKING thing can't give the key to the program that asks and instead it prompts me for the password of a server that only accepts auth by public-key

I love how virt-manager does its connection routine it's litterally so... manual... like I have This in my process list

ssh -l wxcafe -T -e none -- remote_host sh -c 'if 'nc' -q 2>&1 | grep "requires an argument" >/dev/null 2>&1; then ARG=-q0;else ARG=;fi;'nc' $ARG -U /var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock'

had to reboot this machine cause it's not a Xen host anymore so there's no need for it to boot into Xen and have only 2G of RAM available as a dom0 when there's 32G in the system.

Update: this ATM card didn’t make it but the server is back up
Idk how it’s related to the server not rebooting, I’m wondering whether it’s a power thing or if the way it was touching that SATA connector was pushing it into a short circuit or something? But hey, it’s back up and it’s not like I was gonna use the ATM card anyway

Fixing a computer that has hardware problems really feels like his fixing a car must, huh? Pushing the igniter until you get that sweet VRRRRR sound (from the motor or the hard drives and fans)...

weed, dumb move, 

@wxcafe why does kurgan, the biggest immortal, not simply eat the other ones

hmmm mix of the "why doesn't the bigger X just simply eat the other one" meme and the Highlander "there can only be one" thing?

it's like... everyone would understand "tomber en panne", but "tomber en marche" is a clever play on the original saying and it illustrates very well a feeling you get a lot when you work with software, when something starts working but you have no idea why it works now when it didn't 2 minutes ago, and you're very suspicious but also don't want to break it

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