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just sped up each CI run by about 15-20 seconds by removing a duplicate call to the formatting check lol

thinking a lot about "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun" lately

"in god we trust, all others we monitor" is too cool a sentence to be the navy intelligence motto

feeling a little overwhelmed by work bc ive mismanaged my time a little this week and also since im new ive got a lot of small, get-familiarized-with-stuff tasks which means i feel like ive got too many things to work on

merci encore a qui me permet de me logger sur des dizaines de wifi gratuits depuis que je suis en europe lol

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"le wifi est gratuit il faut juste mettre vos informations!" oui pas de problème mon prénom c'est aaa, mon nom de famille aaa, et mon email c'est!

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