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oh wow I checkout'd a mainline mastodon commit instead of glitch-soc and the "show thread" thing is hideous. where's the double arrow to say this is a reply. shit

@Thib coucou! je crois que l'interface d'upload de medias est cassée? j'arrive a uploader depuis mon telephone donc l'API fonctionne mais quand j'essaie d'uploader depuis l'interface web il se passe strictement rien :thaenkin:
et ça le fait sur et sur, les deux sur master du coup

alright I merged markdown support from into (thank you @multiple_creatures !!)
it's not *true markdown* as in, it doesn't federate, it's only parsed locally through JS, but it's already pretty nice!!

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honestly I thought the left in europe was divided but in the US they manage to be divided inside of a single organisation, that's pretty impressive

Polls $6730
Trending Topics $9278
Search using ElasticSearch $58192 $28103746
Features users want $20

someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. My userbase is shrinking

accepting HTML? well, where do you draw the line??? uh? next thing you'll want to ban nazis! and then all fascists! and then capitalists!

@wxcafe the year is 2043, #853 and #10629 are still open

now that everyone has expressed their opinions on the rich text debate and like 90% of the people there are *for* it (99% if you add a toggle to disable it)

how much do you bet gargeon will be so good as to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and close the PR without a word

what exactly do you think markup means my good friendo. does it mean a special binary format? no it doesn't. it means plain text with special characters that you interpret, my boo. you should maybe think before you post my good fucker.

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