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I'm so happy we system and network admins got the privilege of working with ansible and puppet and chef and shit like that now because it gives us the same "blocking on a problem for two hours and finally finding the solution and going "ah, actually, I'm so fucking dumb. I'm the dumbest person alive. Thanks" experience that used to be the domain of devs.

love that quagga has ip protocol <proto> route-map <routemap> but not ipv6 protocol <proto> route-map <routemap>. it's great.

Reason Hudson Bee Cards are the ideal software distribution mechanism:

* Retro-chic - look at those smooth lines and exposed functionality!
* Flawless logo
* It’s called “Bee Card”

hey I know I say that often (approximately every time I have to touch it) but fuck ansible, fuck yaml, and fuck jinja2.

thank you for your attention!

like go ahead reduce my encryption to 1 bit if it'll help these pair and actually work in A2DP mode I'll let you listen in on my music

that bluetooth vuln looks interesting but I'd feel more threatened by it if I could pair my headset with my linux laptop whithout fiddling with both for 10 minutes, or at all, honestly

How are you I just woke up from a dream that was basically sliders even tho I never watched sliders and now I’m not sure I’m in the right universe

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