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ah je kiffe les lettres de la DGFIP qui arrivent le 19 et qui disent "ah au fait on va essayer de vous prélever le 15, bisous"

Ami·es queer libristes, le Hackathon queer reprend cette année et vous a entendu·es ! L'inscription se fait sur framaform (et plus que sur google) :
Venez, c'était chouette l'année dernière, ce sera encore mieux cette année ! 🏳️‍🌈 :arms_in_the_air_b1:🎉

📆 8, 9 et 10 mars.

LMFAO @ landlords being sad (Amazon, NYpol) Show more

I really need to watch Twin Peaks Season 3, let's see where it's available...

Not on Netflix, okay
On Amazon Prime! but you have to pay an extra on top of prime!

well of the the pirate bay I guess

so the "(e)sports are mostly storytelling" part of this is a little old, but I love the "smash (and speedruns) are basically hacking" part

Hey, friends, could I ask you to add Get in the Car, Loser! to your Steam wishlist? That sort of thing will really help its visibility when it launches later this year!

anyway all those snarky remarks on 802.11ax motivated by this Ars Technica (again) article talking about it in technical details
(once again, mirror link for readability, original article link is in the header)

so many people who created accounts on my mastodon server a year and a half ago and never logged in again...

I mean, most of the time you can't just do whatever you want in mobile networks, your device is locked and will not just flood a frequency or something.

In wifi you mostly do whatever you want, so being able to tell neighbouring devices to lower their power is... interesting.

lol 802.11ax also implements spacial frequency reuse with devices on different networks, which will definitely not have security or denial of service implications in an environment where anyone can manipulate the MAC

I mean it makes sense in mobile networks but wifi...

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