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current debate on twitter is whether batman goes down on catwoman or not.



And I wanna know the future
Don’t tell me how it ends, though
If I come off as a loser
It’s only 'cause I said so
I’ve been good
It’s been good
But I know

It could be better, it could be better

But it never is, though

Don’t stop
Carry on
Heaven is a place we don’t belong
So if you don’t obey
Why’d you even come here anyway?

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Turn the lights off baby
Can you hear my heart
Can you choke me harder
'fore I fall apart

Turn the lights off baby
Can I make you cum?
If I can't feel pleasure
Can I give you some?

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And if falling in love
Is all that it takes
To make you love the world
You'll be bitter when they go

Saw you at the party
But I couldn't reach you
Said I missed you
You said "good to see you"
And I wish I could recover
I don't love you anymore, yet
I don't know if I can love again

I should be patient
I should be kind
But I don't have energy anymore
I shouldn't envy
I shouldn't boast
But I don't have energy anymore

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4.10G resilvered, 3.59% done, 0 days 00:27:45 to go

this is actually quite fast

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me: hey a disk in my server is dead, can you please replace it?
hetzner: replace the disk and reboot the server? sure thing
me: yeah than— wait a second,

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forgot that when hetzner replaces a disk they take the opportunity to shut down the server and start it again afterwards

is this good. is it good when SMART says "drive healthy, btw I can't read anything from it and it's at 0C rn"

"freenode is IRC, freenode is FOSS, freenode is freedom" like man idk if this was written to sound like 1984 but you do realize they're the bad guys right?

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oh one of the SSDs on my main VM host died

gonna open a ticket with hetzner to replace it

forcément la page wikipedia de matmatah est traduite en esperanto lol

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