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joss whedon: *drinking "respecting women" juice, label falls off to reveal Creepy Nerd Fetishism*

old people need to learn how to say "up" when you don't reply to their messages instead of being passive-aggressively insulting like "well LOOKS LIKE someone's a BIT BUSY HUH?" or "oh I guess your keyboard is MIA lol" like?? fuck off?

Me, queer? No, you must be mistaken. I’m straight as a U-bend. As normal as an Okapi. So run-of-the-mill as a person i might as well be non-human.

New JOURNAL entry: 

Gonna start referring to stuff that works in the space station as “aerospace-grade”
Have you seen my aerospace-grade pencil?
Oh yeah that’s my aerospace-grade hoodie
Look at that neat aerospace-grade thinkpad
Love my aerospace-grade pajamaszzz

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