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My clippers just suddenly stopped working while I was shaving the side of my head

BGP ORR (optimal route reflection) and its counterpart BGP URR (Unoptimal Route Reflection)

Why is DSA Like This. All the “actionnable” emails they’ve sent me in the past month are “please phone bank” or “please get on a video meeting” like...

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NYC DSA tech action working group is about to go public with their project to work towards public internet access in New York City (not the state, just the city?) and they have as far as I know not even talked with NYCMesh, the largest nonprofit associative ISP on the east coast, which is located in the same city they’re targeting.

🎵 my friends are kinda strange
I think they're awfully sweet
if you ever would be interested I think yall should meet 🎶

hideaki anno said "women's rights"

women's rights to end the world and melt everyone into a consciousness puddle

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kink, petplay 

well now that the cat is gone I have a spare pet bowl with nothing to use it for...

a normal person: look at these luddites burning masks

me, crawling out from under the rock where i live: luddites were not opposed to technology but to the bosses using it to inflict poverty

Are you aware this is a kink though. Are you just being horny on main or is this incidental. There's 121k likes?

so look the post is interesting in its own right bc the parent is trying to understand and everything but: how do you not understand the concept of oral sex

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