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New York does have some very nice rentals available, like this cute $24k/month "townhouse" in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, that has 4 floors, 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Also a workout room, 6 jacuzzi, a 42 inch grill in the walled rear yard, and, to highlight it all, a Washer/Dryer In-Unit!

also USians what the fuck is up with rentals not having to disclose the square footage of the appartments like ???

Anyway how are you all? I’m in a New York taxi with a fucking bike on my lap so I’m a little bit tense personally

Ah well it looks like the mobile network is back to working, which is good. I only get 3G tho which sucks a bit, but eh

Well the network here is fucked, because I sent this over an hour ago.

Don’t worry though as soon as I landed, I got all my missed monitoring texts...

Even when communicating with loved ones doesn’t work, monitoring never fails

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