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hey I like that the spambots that register on my instance take the time to set their account up as bots at least, that's nice

Ca y est, les pires cauchemards de la manif pour tous se sont réalisés, il y a maintenant père/mère(1)(2) sur les demandes d’actes d’état civil (bon, ça convient toujours pas à mon cas, mais ça avance déjà)

d'autres gens que moi qui ont de la v6 down chez online? ou alors c'est juste mon dhcpv6/mon slaac/... qui sont pétés?

one thing I think I'll never understand is why lastminute shows me every price in pounds. I'm in france, not logged in, I don't have a cookie set, I never asked for pounds, my girlfriend on the same network as me, not logged in either with no cookies either on her laptop gets euros. weirdest thing is I get pounds on my desktop *and* my laptop.

I don't get it.

I'll have to throw the box away though. I kept it for the last few months/years but I can't really justify shipping an empty cardboard box overseas just bc it looks nice and I don't like throwing stuff away

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