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re: kink, kinda lewd 

Me: hey LTE BSS please give me some timeslots. Please. My network speeds are dying.
LTE BSS, humming: actually you’re roaming, your timeslots are being renewed all the time my dude
Me: please. My tweets.
New LTE BSS: who the fuck are you and why are you talking to me

Ernest Hemingway:

(looks around table) Six words. Been great playin' with you fellers, but I think that's the game.

NASA: (smiles, lays down cards)

For sale: Saturn booster, never flown.

ccc: during christmas/new years
defcon: during my bday

hacker cons are good actually?? thanks for being a great excuse to not see family

also it's basically during my birthday so it allows me to not have to spend that with family which, yes please,

today is the only day you can boost this but only if you also live in purple grid world

my gf just got a text that says her flight from italy to paris will be delayed from 19:40 to 19:40 and huh

still find it wild that custom emoji controls are literally in the administration panel, where moderators can't access it. this is so weird

oh I just saw the same "actually universal housing is prison" take that @shel was talking about earlier and, whew, some anarchists are on some wild shit huh

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