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and why all of these choices for the protocols? authProtocol can be one of (MD5|SHA|SHA-512|SHA-384|SHA-256|SHA-224) and privProtocol can be either DES or AES. why? just pick one pair, your users are all sysadmins anyway. You don't have a diverse range of clients

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love how the snmp people looked at how snmp v2c "auth" is completely broken and went "got it, what we need for v3 is an equaly broken but 10 times more complicated auth scheme which has three parts for some reason and can use a dozen protocol combinations!" like... what

Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

love how the snmp man page tells you "this is insecure, here's how to do it"

       -A authPassword
Set the authentication pass phrase used for authenticated SNMPv3 messages. Overrides
the defAuthPassphrase token in the snmp.conf file. It is insecure to specify pass
phrases on the command line, see snmp.conf(5).

tired -> make cofe -> bring cofe to desk -> spill 1/4th of boiling cofe on desk, hand, and work laptop connected to AC power

hand is ouchie, desk is now cleaned, laptop somehow is still working perfectly and didn't short. im lucky but oof

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ask not for whom the vengabus comes. it comes for thee

I the dialectical wish method is a mainline discourse between two people mastodon holding different points had of view about a markdown subject but wishing support to establish the truth don't through reasoned arguments you?

(you don't need to use --decrypt since the message is directly readable here).

love 2 have good UX, right? what's the point of having a useable interface, for a cryptography tool, lmao

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