Not to mention that most of the "punctuation" used in code (slashes, < >, semi-colons etc...) only make sense on English keyboards and are extremely uncomfortable for all non-anglophone users

@wxcafe what gets me is the claim that programming languages based around another language is impossible... but we literally *just* saw that it's doable.

nothing in the foundation of lisp depends on things being named a certain way, and you can rearrange the special forms to make more sense to speakers of that language like seems to have happened here

@wxcafe the problem i guess comes in with accreting the libraries and tools to do things with, but that's "just" very difficult

@KitRedgrave @wxcafe but a commonly spoken and understood lingua franca is still an easier solution than rewriting all the APIs and libraries

@grainloom @wxcafe it is, but the claim was that it is *impossible*, when clearly it is not

@wxcafe this is one of the things I forgot to take a photo of while I was there

@wxcafe this is something I've honestly always wondered about. Like, ascii and Unicode are primarily English oriented and they're embedded in literally everything we use. I'm upset to hear that it's just not plausible on our current technology to make something even as simple as pong.

@wxcafe god i love this pl
i absolutely fucking adore arabic and want to learn it someday

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