i cant wait when in like 10 years the PS4 is gonna be busted wide open by the homebrew community and I can finally download a copy of P.T.

@tom I don't understand how it isn't already. like it's pretty much an x86 system, why don't we have a VM that can run the system already?

@wxcafe Wellll despite being x86, it's not actually designed like a PC in a traditional sense. They made some very interesting design choices with it. there's a rly interesting talk that goes into what they did (and how they got linux running on the PS4) youtube.com/watch?v=QMiubC6LdT

@tom I know but I mean, some pretty weird x86-based thangs have been set up to run on qemu yknow? (also I was in the audience at that talk lol)

@wxcafe but I also don't rly see the point of getting it to run in a vm tbh...

@tom well, then you can do whatever you want to memory/the kernel, load whatever code you want, and run games on your PC

@wxcafe and I mean piracy is already possible on the PS4 but as with all consoles since like the Wii/PS3/360 gen, it comes with trade offs (mainly the fact that you can't rly use online services bc there's a great risk of being banned)


@tom well I mean it'd be a lot easier to develop homebrew on a VM on your desktop than on the machine itself, I guess, plus being able to access all memory etc would be nice.

but yeahit would be pretty hard, but I would say not as hard as i.e. dolphin cause the arch isn't as foreign to x86 yknow?

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