love this period where there's homestuck memes everywhere and I have no idea /at all/ what they're about it's just this weird thing with nods and references and ???????

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@wxcafe to be honest, I think it might be worse to actually understand them all?
Especially now that new material is coming out and it's extra difficult to disengage from the goofy nonsense you were into a decade ago.

@wxcafe I mean, it's fun stuff. There's an enormous community, and the works and genres of works that have developed out of MSPA and the MSPA community are fantastic.
But any enormous internet community is exhausting in general and also comes with a pretty good chunk of over-invested obsessives.
HS has died down a bit in recent years, but it peaked with the worst parts of Tumblr. It'll be interesting to see how much comes back now that it's actively updating again.

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