Hey so game of thrones is finished for good after that? Maybe I can watch the whole thing in a few months… I stopped reading the books after the 5th cause of all the empty in that one and I /hate/ waiting in between seasons/books, so…

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@wxcafe I have the books somewhere, but I think it was the second or third I stopped at? I might go back after all this is done, but keyword "might"

@petra lol they were cut into 4 each in France :/ French editions often do that, they think “pocket size” sf/fantasy is going to sell better. And then of course people don’t buy them cause they don’t want to read a 20 part series

Anyway, I kinda liked the books? But it’a kinda heavily written, and book 5 is full of padding so...

@wxcafe I reread a 20 part series recently, but that was very much an Exception (and it wasn't high fantasy either).

The books have their moments, though sometimes because of spoilers I spent a lot of time groaning "what are you doing <insert character here>!? You're gonna die!"
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