LB: if for no other reason, do it because gargron doesn't want to




re: salt 

tongue in cheekery, re: salt 

tongue in cheekery, re: salt 


@wxcafe Here’s hoping Gargron comes to his senses on this topic. Hacky Unicode is the alternative.

pol reference, extreme salt 

@wxcafe im hesitant to run full glitchsoc, though im enjoying it on the pleroma instance

@wxcafe I don't like this idea. I don't want to be reading all sorts of crazy formatting. It would be okay only if I can opt out of all of formatting when reading other people's posts.

@JordiGH okay uh? I'll take that into consideration next time I talk our overlords that develop the software you're using I guess

@wxcafe i for one, am not using this as a mini blogposting system.. Maybe such functionality should be approached differently..

Or maybe automatically make it like it has a "miniblogpost" tag if it is elaborate..

@jasper repeating myself but im not a dev and this isn't a feature discussion thread so 🤷
if you *are* looking for the feature discussion thread you have to click the link in the post you're replying to

@jasper but, to answer your point: people on other software (pleroma, for example) are already sending formatted posts. The only difference is that with this patch you can see the formatting instead of getting a mush of words because masto didn't interpret the formatting

@wxcafe kindah think this is really potentially changing what Mastodon is...

Don't really see much sign of expectation management, or conventions that might help indicate if you expect long articles or little toots.

@jasper I mean have you ever seen toots longer than 1k chars without a CW?

also glitch-soc for example has a feature where long toots will appear rolled-up by default (with a setting for it)

@jasper but also like, other people have been doing it for a year. It didn't cause many problems

and it's been an integral part of the standard for years. mastodon has ignored it, but... if masto continues to, it'll end up as "that software that doesn't support common features"

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