on this, I'm not a fan of the "100 COMPANIES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR 71% OF GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS!!" thing cause

yes. that doesn't mean that we can just dismantle these 100 companies and that's it. We need to dismantle them, but it will have an impact on the current way of life.

and by that I mean yes let's dismantle them but also we need to accept that life won't be the same way as it was, because it *can't*. The fact that it's not personal responsibility doesn't mean there won't be peronal impact.

@wxcafe If society really wanted to change away from those 100 companies (which would effectively be disconnecting from the "market") peoples lives would radically change. People need to be ready for that and accept that its the cost of action.

Too many people want to save the world but remain in their current lifestyle/society. You can't have it both ways, modern lifestyles and the functioning/infrastructure of our current society are "The Market".

@wxcafe ..... Sorry, was not at all my intent. Ill make sure not to do it again.

@Electronic_Bunny I mean it's not a big deal but I get these kinds of "oh yeah [exactly what I just said]" answers reguarly on mastodon these past few weeks and I don't know why? but yeah I think it's not a great move so.

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