@wxcafe furry artists: please let me know of these fursonas in advance so i can register them on f-list

@wxcafe i was gonna reply with a lewd joke but then i realized the range of security vuln lewd jokes and segfaulted

@zoe @wxcafe this isn't the exact dialogue I wanted to find but yeah, figured it fit the thread well :P

@wxcafe I’ll totally be up for that challenge, should someone put up the muns.

@wxcafe Also, I'm disappointed that Ubuntu has version names like "Trusty Tahr" and "Disco Dingo" but they've never commissioned fursonas for them

@wxcafe Thanks. This is actually a really nice wallpaper but I'm kind of amused by how vaporwave it somehow looks

@wxcafe this is why clang is beating gcc on multiple fronts. they got a twink dragon

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