by the way please make always make your URLs static? it's nice to move last year's website to /2018 when you put the new website up but that breaks all links & there's no inconvenient to redirecting to /2019!

@wxcafe i feel like this idea is very expandable upon. it reminds me of the "five minute rule" where if you're criticizing someone's appearance for something they can't fix in five minutes, Don't

perhaps there should be something like that in tech

@zoe I mean in a way I don't think that solves the problem, it allows small criticism but not important ones that we might want to look at as a group. Like how electron as a platform is effectively a barrier to entry leaving people who don't have recent computers unable to run your app, for example. that's not fixable in 5 mins but it is an important discussion

@wxcafe well yeah, i mean more in the context of "one can talk about how [certain type of makeup] is bad, but if someone's using it,"

@zoe oh, yeah. well, yeah, but then that excludes the people who most need to hear about the problem from... hearing about the problem

@wxcafe well yeah but that's.

i don't think "what's the balance between being annoying & inconveniencing people, vs making sure people know about a problem" is a solved discussion yet so the world may never know

@wxcafe ah super je me demandais si ça avait été filmé justement, merci :)
@wxcafe (je suis très curieuse de voir la musique que fait npm install)
@wxcafe alors j'aimerais beaucoup, mais c'est loin ;_;
@wxcafe @Hypsoline non mais genre c'est loin loin loin (je suis pas en france)

@Elza @Hypsoline ah ui bon du coup ça devient plus compliqué. Cela étant ça reste faisable, genre je vais surement y aller l'an prochain la

@wxcafe @Hypsoline ah ouais l'an prochain je serais rentrée en france pour le coup, ptêtre que j'essaierai d'y aller 🤔

@wxcafe if makers design bricks, and shovels, and new concrete formulas, and builders are supposed to build houses from that, *and* keep them standing for years, then we definitely need to talk to each other

i've never once had to debug a brick while working construction sites, but i can't remember ever having used a piece of software to build up a stack that i didn't have to debug.

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