love how we've had ethernet link-speed autonegociation on 10M/100M/1G for decades but fucking SFP+ can't autoneg between 1G and 10G (not to speak of 40G and 100G) like...

That has nothing to with the sfps. More likely it has something to do with cisco. 10GbE SFPs can be programmed to do 100/1000/10000 and even Fibre Channel.

@wxcafe @franzi to be fair, 10/100/1000 autoneg also isn't the epitome of reliability.

@wxcafe it's frequently a problem between switches, not even necessarily with different vendors, but I've also had servers, desktops and laptops where I had to disable autonegotiation.

@lexi huh. I've never had a problem with anything that supports 10/100/1000, only with stuff that supports 1G/10G/up.

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