fun non-native-english-speaker fact about me: I spent years pronouncing 'albeit' as "arbeit" is pronounced in german (mentally) instead of all-be-it as it is pronounced in english

@wxcafe That one isn't easy for native speakers either; it's a silly world
@wxcafe I don't know how it's pronounced in German but I, a native English speaker, have always pronounced it al bait (with al as in short for Albert and bait as in bait on a fishing line)
@wxcafe it's worth noting that I'm an English speaker who learned most of her intermediate to complex English from reading, with no pronunciation guide, and I'm known for saying things wrong

@wxcafe native speaker here and same. there are some words so weird you just never connect the spelling and pronunciation. similarly, "hors d'oeuvres" and (I think it was) "either"

@impiaaa to be fair hors d'oeuvre is french, so I'll just pronounce it as I would in french.

either I found okay? I mean, it's not the same as the spelling but it's pretty close. "though" or "worcestershire" are way worse, for example

@wxcafe I think I'm misremembering "either," I just have a vague memory of doing spelling practice and someone pronounced it differently from what I knew. and the thing about hors d'oeuvre is that every time I hear it it's very Americanized, like it's very obviously spelled like "orderves."

and yes "worcestershire" is the worcest.

@impiaaa oh yeah but I have the French Privilege of being able to say french words in a different way that americans say them and then acting all snobby when they tell me "actually you don't say it like that" by telling them "yes well ACTUALLY, "

@impiaaa (I don't actually do that and I try to be understandable by everyone. I just never had to say hors d'oeuvre in english so when I read it I pronounce it mentally as I would in french)

small brain: pronouncing a loan word as in the borrowing tongue because one doesn't know better
big brain: pronouncing a loan word as in the original tongue because that's the way it should be
galaxy brain: pronouncing a loan word as in the borrowing tongue because it's a loaned word and should be understood by the speakers of the borrowing language

@impiaaa universe brain: pronouncing everything however the person you're talking to expects you to pronounce them because the purpose of language is communication

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