Did you know: gnome-term eats F10 keypresses
This post brought to you by me trying to boot on the usb stick for the past 10 reboots

Did you know: usb to serial adapters don’t work well with usb3. This post brought to you by the fact that I finally just got a good serial connection by switching it to usb2

well looks like replacing the verizon fios router device is easy, at least. I just plugged in a pfsense box and it Just Works, DHCP from the ONT without even faking the MAC. neat.

@wxcafe Do you have a couple of sockets you could solder together?

@wxcafe This is definitely the punchline for a "I want a girl with a short skirt" joke
@wxcafe i have boxes and boxes and boxes of serial turnarounds and null modems and such things, for exactly this purpose

i always end up with some adapter abomination. 100% of the time.
@wxcafe i think it's just inherent to serial as a standard

on a related note, remember when a keychain crossover adapter was like, an essential part of a network eng's toolkit?
@wxcafe you lucky, lucky thing

i still carry a pocket full of rollover adapters for turning ordinary ethernet into cisco rollover

@wxcafe does their ONT have multiple working ethernet? I wish mine were enabled

@wxcafe mine has 4, one management, one active (with pppor on vlan 201), and two disabled. And I really wanted one for CARP

@wxcafe then I could have redundant routers and upgrade them without my network going down

@wxcafe that is, I could plug two carp'd routers into the ONT instead of a separate switch. Which I still need to use.

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