@wxcafe I don’t know much about RCS but it seemed a good thing, isn’t it? Since SMS are still widely used, it would be a good thing to have something a bit more modern and powerful.

@melunaka sure, great plan to start a chat service that only works if you've got a mobile device with network access nearby

@melunaka yes, which is why modern chat systems work through the internet. You can use multiple devices and don't need mobile network connectivity

@wxcafe I understand what you’re saying but I see it more as an improvement of SMS than replacing other chat services which are better IMHO

@melunaka RCS is, google's chat system is not RCS, it's based on RCS, the same way hangouts isn't xmpp, it's based on xmpp.

@melunaka and I mean, improving sms today is basically like improving landline phones. it's too late, your service is mostly just used for internet access now, there's no point

@wxcafe Even if I liked Google, with their track record I would _not_ get attached to a messaging service of theirs.

@wxcafe @mwlucas Bold choice to go with RCS rather than CVS, Subversion, Git, Mercurial, or fossil. :flan_guns:

@ed1conf @wxcafe @mwlucas (but thank you for mentioning Fossil, because I love it)

@UnclearFuture @wxcafe Long enough to develop a non-trivially small but passionate group of users before killing it off.

@wxcafe ROFL,PMWL "the nineties are BACK, baby! yeah!" Is Austin Powers running Google!?

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