new concept: an ipv6 block where each address is assigned a lattitude and longitude with 5 decimals, so you can address each square meter of the globe's surface through ipv6.


update: you can't just dump degrees minutes seconds into an ipv6 address and call it done, it won't fit if you separate each part. But! decimal degrees do fit:
fd00:1a7:40:7288:7800:ff73:9951:1100 can be a stand-in for 40.728878, -73.995111

the 1a7 is for "lat",

the end of the decimals are padded with 0s, and the ff in front of 73 are used to denote it's a negative (with 00 used for positives)

okay well this works, I figured the way to do it, now I'll leave the implementation of the encoder/decoder, request for the reservation of the block to the IANA, integration with openstreetmaps and configuration of the DNS to the reader.

to be clear the idea isn't to actually use the addresses for devices on that location, it's to be able to leverage the existing ipv6 infrastructure to express locations, and dns

@wxcafe writing decimals in a hex field is definitely the worst part of this

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