anyway some fash on twitter posted this as a rebuttal (?) to antifascist aktion and like

imagine thinking this logo is bad??? this rules I'm putting two pairs of panties on a pole next pride lol

@wxcafe I'm pretty sure i've seen this before, and I'm pretty sure I saw something about sex workers claiming it as their thing

@wxcafe when I first glanced at this I was like "oh cool, new antifa logo, heh I like this" then read the rest and was like "wait... this is supposed to be *bad*???" fashies have such thin skins, and it *really* shows in their attempts at semiotic warfare. XD

OMG! Imagine finding that insulting outside of a context of misogyny and toxic masculinity 😂

@wxcafe I want this printed on some undies so I can wear them to protests

@wxcafe i love when the fash attempt to insult us by posting extremely good content

@00dani @wxcafe not directly related but there’s a thing going around on fb about people mad at the idea of Black James Bond and some jackass was like, “What’s next? A transgendered lesbian Blade?” as if that’s not one of the best and hottest things imaginable

@wxcafe my first thought was "is this sw solidarity?" So..... Thanks for the free propo, nazis, lol

@wxcafe lol how lame, getting upset about fascism amiright? Draaaaaaama *sarcasm*

@wxcafe That's boring. Why don't you put two on yourself instead of a pole?
Be brave.

@wxcafe also a weirdly good call to collective action?

@wxcafe There's some irony that fash try to paint leftists as "easily offended snowflakes" while they shit their nappies whenever their kind is hit by a non-cement milkshake. :thonking:


feminist antifa appreciates the idea contribution from the shitbags

@wxcafe Yeah, I don't know how much more obvious they can make their jealousy. :D

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