so the american psychological association has been researching polyamory/"consensual non-monogamy" and they have this amazing group related to it that sounds way to hyper for what it is

@wxcafe ... huh. I... can't access the site? It just says "Private Site"...

@wxcafe Thank You For Witnessing It For Us.

(Can I screenshot-crosspost this around?)

@wxcafe (I mean also. your phrasing. is Good And Amusing phrasing. So I included that too?)

@benhamill if your polycule doesn't have various roles like a pyro, a gunslinger, an explosion specialist, and an infiltrator, is it even a polycule

@wxcafe @benhamill asking monogamous people
"So uh… who exactly does the warrior, the thief and the wizard?"

@wxcafe @benhamill *people frantically texting each other to try to coordinate plans for a date night as the Mission Impossible theme plays*

@orrery @thufie @wxcafe I'm thinking they're the effort to contain the anomalous social rejection of consensual polyamory.

@wxcafe i'm not in a polycule, i'm in a consensual non-monogamy task force

@wxcafe finally, a military i can support. where do i sign up?

@wxcafe ...the second thing that comes up when I google this is alarmist articles from "christian" and "family values" groups warning about the degradation of society

@wxcafe also, completely in line with how they reacted to LGBTQ+ issues, they're pushing a narrative that this is "pushing" non-monogamy on people, when it's literally just about accepting and destigmatizing diversity

@gaditb @er1n @wxcafe Now I kinda want to get vaguely subtle, vaguely ominous "Division 44" laptop stickers. 🤔

@wxcafe "member of division 44" should be a new euphemism for saying someone is poly

@wxcafe how is this amazing? Is there some watermark I'm not seeing?

Kinky implicite 


member of a lesbian polycule: I have two wives and I am also their wife

APA, apparently: oh fuck we need to make an official task force

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