Currently picturing one of these “1984 wasn’t an instruction manual!!” posters but instead it says “2001 a space odyssey wasn’t an instruction manual!!” with no further explanation as to what that’s supposed to mean

@wxcafe @shel Ruby the language wasn't an instruc-*remembers that the original implementation was the defacto reference rather than any formal spec*- fuck.

@wxcafe @shel watercolor painting of an instruction manual, captioned "this is not an instruction manual" in cursive French

@shel @wxcafe I mean, which part? Finding a less damaging and more effective energy source via cooperation rather than fear sounds like an instruction manual to me.

@wxcafe "How To Mutate And Take Over The World wasn't an instruction manual!!"

with the "n't" written out/over with a bunch of question marks.

@wxcafe On the other hand, Transformers was an instruction manual.

@wxcafe this but with really, really random YA novels

eragon wasn’t an instruction manual!!
maximum ride wasn’t an instruction manual!!
the maze runner wasn’t an instruction manual!!

@zoe @wxcafe How To Train Your Dragon wasn't an instruction manual!

@wxcafe My first guess would be that it was posted by or directed at an AI researcher...

@wxcafe making a dystopian future movie called “Instruction Manual” so someone will eventually make a poster that says “Instruction Manual wasn’t an instruction manual!”

@tom @wxcafe @grainloom it totally kind of was, in that it very faithfully depicts the original pre-post-apollo-program intent for a human future in space

@wxcafe 2061: Odyssey Three By Arthur C. Clarke Wasn't An Instruction Manual!!

@wxcafe note I'm thinking of other movies to do this with.
Jurassic past wasn't an instruction manual!

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