If you were to get a brain implant with an external connector in the back of the neck, which plug would you prefer?

Gosh this post has no cw and I guess technically doesn’t need one? But maybe I should have cw’d it for kink.......

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@wxcafe i don't know cables, which one is a screw-in serial bus
@wxcafe actually I'll take one of those USB-with-screws connectors

*very straight face* 

@petra yes, uh, restricting movement, hmm.

re: *very straight face* 

@wxcafe Very practical!

SPF+, clearly! What if they change up the layer 1 medium on me? D: I need that flexibility!

@Irick okay sure but what about when you need to start doing 400G? You’ll always be upgrading at some point!

At some point, likely but at the very least i'll have the option of using the new physical formats at that lower bitrate!

@wxcafe oh yes, give me direct DMA to the brain via thunderbolt via USB-C! 😱

@wxcafe a headphone jack to flex on iPhone users

@wxcafe Something not standard so nobody could connect to it :<

@Nocta ah ouais donc toi dans evangelion tu te bas contre le human instrumentality project, je vois

@wxcafe J'ai pas regardé évangélion, j'ai essayé de lire le mange j'ai rien compris ça m'a saoulé

@wxcafe is this just to send data or are there any other implications?

(I wouldn't use USB-C, but, hey it transfers audio as well, so that a plus)

@pato it's to transfer data in/out, update firmware, do mind control etc

@wxcafe I would go with RS-232 but I can't really vote on the poll

@wxcafe why is USB-C winning here? don't people know of its dangers???

@hirojin idk, clearly the right answer is rs232/db9 and frame relay for the protocol

@wxcafe USB-C pour se connecter dans les deux sens :bloblewd:

@wxcafe (mais l'esthétique de l'USB-C est un peu fade par contre)

@wxcafe I dont want that. A documentary in three parts named matrix shows how bad it soule be.

@wxcafe considering the size of each one, I think I'd prefer USB-C, but others have nice arguments to (especially sfp+ for the upgradability, with a rj45 adapter in it for the *click*)

@wxcafe Going USB-C is the way to a total disaster.

Compatibility is a disaster… RJ45 is safer.

@wxcafe Definitely SFP+, it provides galvanic isolation!!! I don't want to get my brain fried electrically one day via RJ-45, RS232 or USB-C!

SFP also looks like the interface in Ghost in the Shell, although for unknown reasons it can still fry your brain 🤣

Also tagging #cyberpunk

@niconiconi @wxcafe I think USB-C probably gives the most adapter choices out of the list.

@wxcafe for the record, RS-232 isn't a connector.. DB-9 or DB-25 are... and would look way more cyberpunk than usbc!

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