@wxcafe this is like the keynoard equivalent of those toe shoes

@wxcafe oh i didnt mean to say it didnt look good i just thought it was interestingly similar to toe shoes for your hands

@the_gayest_doggo that's what i thought too, the key columns even have 3 knuckle bones and everything

which is all to say we should normalize toe shoes


> a [Prog] key that starts playing prog rock

You win my internets today.

@wxcafe This is a keyboard that I'd need to use for at least a month or two before considering purchasing for myself.

I'm guessing the key switches are some Cherry-type switch?

@wxcafe @djsundog I also have a keyboard.io, and I'm about to buy a second one for work! I love it 🥰♥️⌨️

BTW, one of the creators of the keyboard is on the fedi: @obra

@wxcafe "does the 'on' in 'on my keyboard' mean 'using' or 'about'?"


@wxcafe have you tried the Chrysalis GUI editor? It’s gotten really good in the last few months and works way better for me than having to build firmware myself.

@fluffy I don't think it'd handle the weird shit I do with my firmware honestly, like the whole steno stuff, the various hotkeys (oops I might have uploaded my previous version of my firmware without the hotkeys), ...

@wxcafe That's fair! It will work pretty well with the standard EEPROM layout plugin but anything else is outside of its wheelhouse.

@wxcafe yeah, I just wanted to be able to iterate more quickly, especially with colors

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