How difficult is it to install and maintain a XMPP server like Prosody and a Matrix server like Synapse?

Can someone tell the hardware requirements to run Prosody and Synapse?

I looks like Prosody is easy to install and configure.
On the other side Synapse is maybe more resource-intensive.

#XMPP #Matrix


@KillianKemps prosody is easy to configure and install and requires almost no ressources
synapse is a pain to install, configure and maintain, and eats ram like... idk, it eats a lot of ram

@wxcafe @KillianKemps
Not in my experience. Prosody and synapse are both easy to install and configure. Synapse eats ram only if you connect to giant rooms (1000+ people). #Matrix ecosystem is way more user Friendly than XMPP. I ditched XMPP 1 year ago.

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