So I'm gonna be streaming a bit about IPv4/IPv6, how they work, how routing works, and how interconnections work tomorrow at 1pm EDT/7pm CEST/10am PDT tomorrow!

(actual subjects will depend on how long it takes and if people on stream are interested)

Alright that's done for now!! I'm gonna upload all this to some places soon probably, hope I didn't say too much that was false (this was really unprepared lol), and thanks for being there!

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@wxcafe thank you so much for the stream ♥

i couldn't really understand the books you said at the end of your stream except for networks by tanenbaum do you mind repeating them?

@pounce hey! sorry I forgot to reply to this post...

I mentionned @mwlucas's books, Absolute OpenBSD and Absolute FreeBSD, and also (more importantly) Networking for system administrators

then I also talked about the internet peering playbook by William B. Norton

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