I demand a pan-European train booking platform in addition to high taxes on CO2.

It is too difficult to book a train connection covering more than a single country, I think the Council of Europe could do some good here.

Council of Europe, because it has 48 member states and I'd like a booking platform for 48 countries.

@DC7IA The council has relatively little direct power over members, it cannot make binding directives unlike the EU institutions
@DC7IA My dream project:

1. Renationalize railways (privatizing them was a huge mistake from the beginning)

2. Introduce tax-funded public transportation, with personal tickets being free at point of use

3. Unify the nationalized railways under a single EU institution, like happened with national banks for the Euro (forming the ECB)
@DC7IA Problems with this approach:

1. How to handle pricing and income generated from cargo transport (countries are very resistant to EU-wide accounting for various reasons)

2. How to get the Swiss and Norwegians to finally join the EU instead of keeping their "we want to be special" rules

@elomatreb @DC7IA 3. how to get the neolibs who run literally every single large country in the EU to even hear the world nationalization and not run screaming

@wxcafe @DC7IA At least in Germany people are starting to realize how much of a fuckup the Deutsche Bahn privatization was (it's making huge losses, has terrible service, and a massive backlog of necessary infrastructure modernization). It's also still completely owned by the state (indirectly through the KfW state investment bank), so renationalizing isn't as huge a task as in other countries

@vfrmedia @elomatreb @DC7IA @wxcafe and the privatised rail companies are in many cases at least partially state-owned, just by foreign states.

@vfrmedia @wxcafe The infrastructure in Germany is a complicated special case because the Grundgesetz stipulates that the Bund (the Federal entitiy) has to own the long-distance railway infrastructure, so there is a separate entity from the regular Deutsche Bahn AG (The DB Netz AG) that owns the infrastructure and is *directly* owned by the federal government
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