Anyway after biking a bit more in Brooklyn in winter at night I finally get why front lights are recommended on bikes here...

Bc you can’t see shit and the street is fucked!! How can the US have such a widespread and powerful car culture and yet their roads are shit is incomprehensible


Idly wondering if there’s something that would bring the US to actually do some public infrastructure work. Apparently week-long blackouts aren’t it. Years-long water poisonings aren’t it either. Maybe when cars can’t be driven anymore? Or maybe they’ll just get off-road cars?

@wxcafe it'll take a threat to private profit that can't be pushed into the hands of the public to deal with for that to happen.

@wxcafe I feel like PG&E is flirting with getting privatized. But I may be underestimating how much political power they have in the state


@wxcafe yes, and also smug thinkpieces about how people who can't afford hummers aren't trying hard enough

@wxcafe Our public officials are almost all conservative/centrist garbage, the cops are militarized, and companies know we're too complacent to revolt in any meaningful way. So you're right, the rich will get generators and off-road vehicles and install air-conditioning systems while poorer senior citizens get heat stroke. Nothing will change unless ordinary people get mad enough to do something drastic, which I don't see happening any time soon.

@wxcafe @mood yeah that’s the big push to lifted hatchbacks with AWD (“SUVs” or “crossovers,”) in the US

@bonzoesc @mood that and the fact that driving is dangerous and if the other person has an SUV and you don't, well...

so you'd better have one. escalation of arms basically. The War on Cars has a pretty good episode about this

@wxcafe mass strikes and protests shutting down cities for weeks at a time would probably do it

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