Hey wait am I still a part of French masto or am I US queer masto or US tech masto or what now

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@tom but Tom I’m only 24......... I’m not that old..........
Also y’all toms are cute!!

@wxcafe i meant old as in you've been here for a while.....

@amphetamine @tom uh idk I’d have to check in the DB or wherever and I’m on phone rn

@wxcafe @tom
*finger to temple* if you don't see the post is it really real

@catoutofbed @tom of course not, have you learned nothing from school? Ignoring your problems makes them disappear (until the worst possible moment)

@wxcafe @tom
i mean i dropped out so it is in fact possible i learned nothing from school

@catoutofbed @tom I mean

I guess I learned LaTeX in school? And also how to look like I’m working...?

All learnings in school are actually side effects

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