Indie devs: is it better if I buy your games when they’re on sale (gets you bigger sales number I guess?) or to wait until they’re not and buy them full price, assuming I can afford the difference and it doesn’t matter to me?

@wxcafe I'd say buy full price from the developer website if they have one, if not, then in last resort any big platform. Bigger sales numbers don't pay the bills.

@hypolite @wxcafe but could bigger sales numbers create more opportunities, eg, being listed on trending / top selling / etc lists which people browse and buy from?

@apg @wxcafe It would, but at a lower price anyway. Since I assume indie games margins are smaller than AAA titles, not sure it would be actually profitable in the end.

@hypolite @wxcafe yes, a lower price. But does the exposure lead to more potential reviews and growth as a result? Presumably it’s a risk you might make for the potential later upside?

@apg @wxcafe Again, I don't think it's a concern for any but the biggest indie studios. The concern over exposure comes way after recouping your personal costs, and I believe many indie developers still are at the survival stage.

For example Steam cares about sales number because their livelihood isn't jeopardized no matter what the number ends up being. They will work to improve this aggregate number because someone has to report to someone who has to report to someone about them, not because they are of any significance by themselves to the existence of Steam.

@wxcafe Well this really depends, but since a lot of indie game stays in an "early access" state during a long time, buying it before (or even better, supporting them on Patreon if they have any) helps more than when the game is released, since the dev needs money when he is making the game too.
This is my opinion, but my only game is in early access, free (I have a Patreon if people want to support me), and community driven /shrug

@wxcafe I can say about itch because I've had an account there.
The dev will get whetever you pay minus:
- taxes
- how much they choose to give to itch
- fees from the payment provider

So that means that buying it on sale means the dev will get less money for it (but if they put it on sale they are okay with it). I'd assume other platforms also works like this but I can't confirm.

I'd argue like some other people that maybe you could reach for the dev and buy it directly.

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