wanna organize against the US government? or against any government really? don't tell facebook who is an activist that's organizing, they're a surveillance machine and collaborate with every government. Use

@wxcafe Going to that site causes my browser to (try to) load and run JS from a number of 3rd party domains, including CloudFlare and Google. Some kind of alternative seems reasonable to build.

still a cool site and i'll probably use it, thanks for the link.

@finn I mean the code is open-source and you can host it yourself (which I'm currently doing) so I guess it's not that hard to remove that

@wxcafe oh oof, i replied to your wrong toot. I'm saying: looks good, but that mobilizon thing you linked seems like it will/may be better long term, doesn't seem like the existence of eliminates the need for mobilizon.

@finn why would one need to build a whole thing from the ground up, asking for $60k, instead of working on improving existing open-source tools.

@wxcafe @finn open source tools don't write themselves. If you think it's outrageous to raise the equivalent of 2 or 3 decent yearly wages to develop a good web app, I think you have a very elitist view of open source, sadly I've seen similar reactions by others like @darius

I am proud I gave some money to #Mobilizon, a small part of that 60k amount.

@steko @finn @darius I mean I write open-source so I think I have a pretty good idea of how open-source writes itself, and $60k is definitely not 2 or 3 decent yearly wages, but either way working on existing projects is way better than creating a new thing from scratch and reinventing the wheel

@wxcafe @steko @finn yeah it's about combating "not invented here" attitudes

> all our events are visible to anyone who knows the link, so probably don't use gathio to plot your surprise birthday party or revolution.
is this of concern in this context?

@cosine no. if you're organizing a protest, you don't care that it's public, you care that not everyone involved has their identity easily recognizable
don't use this to organize your secret revolutionary meetings though

(that being said, the event is "public" insofar that anyone with the link can see that the event exists. if the link remains private, it's still a private event)

@wxcafe I honestly can NOT believe that in 2020 this still needs saying

@wxcafe wait... are you telling me Mobilizon is coming too late ? :blob_cat_ohnoes:

@Oz I'm saying it's both coming too late and also should probably have been an effort to improve this existing software rather than reinvent the wheel

@wxcafe true. I remember when they tried to fund a blogging platform when we already have WriteFreely & Plume -_-'

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