If you’re gonna give a talk please learn how to make slides…….. this is too much stuff, especially if you’re not going to reinforce what’s on there vocally and only spend 10 seconds on the slide……..

(The background isn’t blue, btw, it’s grey, my phone’s white balance is having trouble with the yellow lights and the TV backlight is all)

@wxcafe god I wish more people who gave talks knew how slides worked.

I kinda feel bad still about one time I was doing a split talk with a partner on something to do with LDAP. I opened by saying something like "Hey, I know you can read. If I start just reading my slides to you, please throw things at me."

My partner got up for his part, and his entire plan was ... to read his slides.

I mean, he shouldn't have done that, but I felt bad for calling it out and giving him no notice.

@mike yeaaaaah and there’s a balance too between reading your slides and what you’re saying having no clear link to what’s written there (which is what’s going on here) :/

@mike since I have talks and organized cons I always try to give a primer to people I work with/give talks with when we need to do that

@wxcafe I'm very much of the opinion that slides should be totally optional. If your talk doesn't work without them, it doesn't work at all.

Chunks of code and dense wordy stuff are definitely the worst for slides. I bet the author will go "but you can download the slides, I'll give you a link".

Just check all the supporting examples into a repo somewhere and give me a link, thanks.

@mike you should definitely be able to go without them yeah, but if you have them they should be parseable while listening to you and there should be a way to connect what you’re saying to each point on the slide :)
Anyway, yeah...

@wxcafe yeah that's the key point, it's got to be something simple you can absorb quickly while you're listening to something else without getting totally distracted.

If it's too overwhelming and information dense people might just give up, pull out their phones and start making posts on social media about your presentation's flaws ...


Lawrence Lessig slides are the best. One or two words each.

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