firefox, you know .varbind isn't a tld. why do you try to connect to netsnmp.client.varbind when I'm clearly looking it up.

You don’t need to tell me about DNS. I know about DNS. I work for a company that is a registrar. I’ve managed my own DNS for the past 5 years or so.

It’s still dumb. If it gets an NXDOMAIN it could just move on to searching that on your search engine

And also let me complain!!!

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@wxcafe it doesnt know what your dns situation is like! maybe youre using a local dns thingy that recognizes varbind as some kinda weird gtld, like how some company networks can just let you go to http colon slash slash intranet or whatever and it'll work

@wxcafe I don't think it can actually tell the difference between an existing TLD and just a word that follows a dot, especially since new TLDs are made available all the time.

@Jo @wxcafe plus, with custom configurations on either the local host or the local network, you could use literally any TLD

@Jo @wxcafe (and firefox has no way of knowing if any such config is in place)

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