VR screenshots are so weird cause the view angle is impossible to tell when you're taking the screenshot. You have basically a full field of vision, how do you know where the screenshot is going to be

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like imagine taking a screenshot of your real-life field of view. what's in it? what's in focus? what's in front of you? you're losing information anyway, and in VR you don't know what's in focus because to the headset everything is in focus

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idk if I'm being clear but VR is honestly hard to explain if you haven't tried it. watching streams it feels like it's just that the game's world is all around you, except it's not just that: 3d objects surround you from all sides. it's not flat anymore

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@wxcafe VR is usually better communicated with AR stuff, I feel, but that's a whole THing to do.

@cambrian_era yeah! but I mean the first time I tried it was an oculus rift dk1 in like 2013, which was... underwhelming. so when I got my index in november it was so weird cause I had spent 7 years seeing videos on a flat screen of people playing VR so I always imagined it like a flat screen thing... and then I put on the headset and it was like. suddenly I'm in a different world. especially with the walking around and hand tracking etc

@wxcafe Yeah I had a Dk2 and it was.. neat I guess. But when I got my Quest it was totally different.


@cambrian_era right? technology moved to much on this thing... I remember trying a horror game demo back then and I was more horrified with the locomotion system than with the game itself lol

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