literally suggesting using a mapping of real names to short names... we could call that... a schema? and let's make it hold the type of the data too while we're at it I mean, it's there already...

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@wxcafe hahaha so many people reinvent postgresql, badly.

@wxcafe hm, you know... i think I've heard of some alternative applications that they might be interested in, with these sorts of fixes baked right into the design


Step 1: Make an SQL database in a sneaky and roundabout enough way that it can technically be called NoSQL

Step 2: Enjoy the praise

@wxcafe using the Unicode table to name variables until no chars left

@wxcafe wow

there's (postgres) people complaining about PostgreSQL's index sizes, but, this is just obscene.

@wxcafe as someone with no knowledge of these things, are you laughing at the fact that so much space is used for variable names, or are you laughing at the idea that this is a problem?

@Felthry laughing at the idea that this is a problem. It's a problem of their own fabrication, and it isn't a thing in traditional databases, so it's really funny that they now are fixing it by making their things more like traditionnal databases

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