so doordash does predatory pricing and opens accounts for restaurants that haven't asked for anything, reselling the food for less than they pay for it (reasoning being that right now they just burn investors' money, and when they're the only ones on the market they'll raise the prices).

A person on HN has exploited that to get free meals to homeless people and make a little money off doordash

guess what HN has to say about it

ancaps be like "we can have a little state enforcement of ownership and profit, as a treat,"

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I love how ancaps always try to trick you with these questions. These aren't comparable (i.e. it would be comparable to walmart setting their prices lower than they pay, and you getting lots of stuff there to redistribute the stuff) but also: yes? go fucking shoplift at walmart, who gives a fuck? lmao

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@wxcafe exploiting a bug to personally benefit! unthinkable. heinous! absolutely unlike what capitalists do,

@wxcafe @garbados also the blog post that inspired this whole thing has the right of it: it's just arbitrage, which is what financiers do literally all the time

@darius @garbados yep! well, except predatory pricing is illegal in uh, many countries, while arbitrage isn't

@garbados @wxcafe you can't use the master's tools to dismantle the master's house but you CAN use those tools to order a bunch of free pizza

@darius @garbados @wxcafe the best part about this is that if you delete money from the description of the situation, what's happening here is that someone suggested doordash deliver a bunch of italian food to the homeless shelter and they were like "okay"

@ben @darius @garbados well, if you keep the money, someone asked doordash deliver a bunch of italian food to the homeless shelter, and they said "okay, sounds good, here's some cash for being such a good citizen"

@wxcafe @darius @garbados except they sent the money to the pizza maker, not the person who suggested it

the pizza maker gave the person who suggested it free pasta

@ben @darius @garbados well, that's their particular arrangement, but they could just share the money btw themselves

@wxcafe @darius @garbados honestly I'd take pasta over money because pasta exists and you can eat it

@wxcafe @ben @darius i'm opening a new food cart called the set of all pastas which do not exist

@wxcafe @garbados I love how it’s the same people that are saying that communism wouldn’t work because it will be based on the assumption that all people will act according to the rules 🙄.

@wxcafe Nobody ever thinks of the poor investors! (except the state, the media, every one who's at least slightly right wing, ...)

@wxcafe imagine being on HACKER news and reacting "uuuuh, that doesnt sound very ethical" to a honest-to-good act of hacking lmao

@wxcafe so glad to see that "hacker" now means "install docker and run 1000 microservices to make a todo app" instead of, you know, using tech to topple power structures

@Eramdam @wxcafe ugh this! Every day, I am like "whyyyy is no one hacking student loans?!?"

@Eramdam @wxcafe is the same mindset that leads gamers to think they're oppressed

@wxcafe how dare you take the offer that happens to be good for you you were supposed to choose the one that gave them the most money how unethical

@wxcafe welp, i guess i now have to concede to all the pro-shoplifting people here unironically

getting rid of this spurious notion that laws are absolute non-negotiable things is healthy anyway

@wxcafe "next thing you'll be telling me i can shoplift from wal-mart"

"you're starting to get it finally"

@kittybecca oh no, not walmart, what will I do if some rando starts shoplifting from walmart?

@wxcafe @kittybecca

:chick_wink:​ Hey, Corporations are people too! [/sarcasm] 😁​

@wxcafe more comparable is walmart pricing their tomatoes at 1p per can, with no quantity limits and you're like

"Well this is clearly wrong but I fucking love tomatoes"

@wxcafe lmao, yes! it’s absolutely 100% ok to shoplift from walmart!!!

@wxcafe i find it so funny that "hacker news" doesnt understand hacking ethics, like what users is doing this endangering? lmfao

@wxcafe If they set their price under what they pay for it, that is their problem.

It is also the problem/fault of the programmers to not notice a 500% order over standard sales on a loss-leader and not stop it.

I like MOST capitalistic ideals. But, if you want to walk the ethical line, you get to die by then, too.

@wxcafe the mental gymnastics to frame this as 'stealing' truly boggle the mind

- nobody should interfere in free market transactions.
- a company sells something at a loss
- you buy this something
- now why should anyone care what you do with this something you just bought, or what the original producer does with their money? isn't this just the free market at work?

i mean obviously the answer is just that this person on "hacker" "news" thinks homeless people deserve to starve, but hey.

@operand well, I don't think they believe that the homeless deserve to starve, I think they believe that the rich deserve to get way richer (which is functionally the same thing, but not from the same angle)

@operand @wxcafe it's pure authoritarian bootlicking under a thin rationalization done by a brain severely addled by all the authoritarian bootlicking it's engaged in

@operand @wxcafe
I was just wondering in what ethical framework on Earth free meals for homeless people are ever "irrelevant"

@wxcafe Poor investors, so sorry they had to be done in like this... 😭

@wxcafe i would very much like to put this person's head in a toilet

@wxcafe the second comment is now downvoted to heck, at least

@wxcafe I... Uh...

Seriously, Every time I seem to be having a good day I get reminded that hacker news people exist ffs x3

@wxcafe it's a joke tbh, I unfortunately can never forget about whatever the fuck is going on on HN, even without following it in the first place

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